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Tis spring and here in Georgia temperatures are rising, both literally and figuratively. Warmer temperatures are an everyday reminder that we need to get a move on. Though I have a feeling no matter the weather or temperatures, we will always be knee deep in projects. So many projects and ideas- so little time.

Here is a summary of what we have under our belts.

In the past few weeks, we double dug four beds. We planted new seeds and transplanted a few babies (snap peas, broccoli, kale, carrots). With the bamboo that we brought back from our Knoxville bed, we were able to create structures for a few snap peas to grow up. (Catch more on that here.)


We sheet mulched a new bed in the backyard…


Over this cardboard layer we spread leaves using two lingering leaf piles that didn’t make it into compost ‘pile #3’, as well as some from the actual compost pile.


Planted with the beginnings of a ‘food forest.’


Remember all those leaves we first told you about here? Boom! Meet compost pile #4 .


Not only are we feeling the heat at home, but we are also pushing along our hugelkultur bed in Knox. In one of our more recent visits, we set aside socializing and conquered another round of sheet mulching. We started this by pulling any dead plants from the previous year, and taking down all the bamboo structures that were in the middle. The first layer of sheet mulching began with ole trusty cardboard (big thanks to my folks for this truckload).


Ryan filled wheelbarrows full of compost, and I used a rake to spread it over the cardboard. Then we took hay that Ryan’s dad picked up for us and spread it over the compost. Notice that we left a walking path around the perimeter.


We have made more progress since then- we’ll talk more about that later.

Here’s a little rundown of what’s in our near future:

  • Double dig another bed in the front yard
  • Prep and plant a second bed in the backyard
  • Plant raised beds
  • Transplant more plants from the cold frames to new beds
  • Get mint in the ground
  • Get potato tower up and going (had a few hiccups here)
  • Plant herbs eeeveerrryywhere
  • Price and buy materials for a few surprise projects up our sleeves
  • A ton of planting on top of what’s already been listed
  • Attach arms to cold frames
  • Planting more screening along the street
  • Build compost bin

This is just a glance at our outdoor list. We have a whole other list for things inside… perhaps by fall we will get to those.

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