merry catmas

It’s Christmas Day, y’all! We hope your holiday has been and continues to be filled with mad joy. We don’t want to take much of your time as we hope you are enjoying the day with those around you. We just wanted to stop and spread a little more holiday joy.

What better way than to share Santa cat through the years. Let us start from the beginning, 2010.


This is where Santa Cat began, back in the old scary house. Since then, Kearney has rocked his Santa look each year. In 2011, we tested his patience trying to snap the perfect family photo.


As we have told you, 2012 was a bit crazy and Kearney’s getup must have been packed away because we don’t have that year captured. I was however able to get the most adorable 2013 shot, green blanket included.


That brings us to this year. Ryan’s mom captured this family shot for 2014. A little disheveled from celebrating all day at my folks- it will have to do.


Kearney’s beard may be hiding it, but he actually loves Christmas….


Just not as much as our nephews. Ryan and I had to blow up the toy we bought them. Can we interest you in a sword fight/beat down?


Now go unwrap, sing a carol, make yourself a cup of hot cocoa and merry on.

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