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Natural Homemade Baby Wipes

Doing a post on how to make homemade baby wipes feels like I’m putting the cart before the horse since I have yet to share our cloth diaper approach, but unlike the diapers, wipes have less quirks and tricks to master. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my cloth diapers, but my DIY baby wipes take the experience to the next level.


More often than not (pretty much always), when using homemade wipes I only have to use one wipe per diaper change. It’s a far cry from the several I use with disposable wipes. That’s just one of the many reasons homemade baby wipes make my heart flutter. It was tough but I managed to make room in my heart for both Comfrey and the DIY wipes.

Below are a few more of the ways homemade baby wipes have swept me off my feet.

  • They are great for the environment, keeping waste volume to a minimum.
  • They make the baby’s bottom much happier than even the natural sensitive skin store bought wipes.
  • It’s easier to toss cloth diapers and wipes all together in one pail during diaper changes.
  • Making baby wipes saves us money.
  • They are easy to make.
  • Homemade wipes stay moist longer than disposables.


How to make your own baby wipes

What you’ll need:

Standard wipes holder (we use this OXO)
Soft cloth cut into 50(ish) squares. (We repurposed extra baby washcloths.)
2 tablespoons Grapeseed Oil
2 tablespoons Aloe Vera Gel
2 tablespoons Witch Hazel
2 teaspoons Vitamin E
2 tablespoons Bronner’s soap
3-4 cups room temperature water


This recipe lasts us 2 weeks (give or take), and the wipes can be washed and used again with excess solution.

How to Make the Wipes:
Pour the measured water into the base of the container and add all of the remaining ingredients stirring as you go. Make sure everything is nicely mixed and start adding the clean cloths. To make things a little easier later, I pour a little of the mixed solution back into the measuring cup to pour over later.
Place a small portion of the dry cloths in the solution in the container. Push the wipes down to absorb the solution and then flip the stack over.
With the saturated side of the wipes on top, pour the remaining solution as you are adding additional wipes.
I follow this process flipping and soaking until all of the mixed solution is gone. The goal is to equally distribute the solution through all the wipes. I’m sure there are a number of ways to try to equally distributing the solution throughout the wipes, this is just the approach I take. So far so good!

When I’m ready to use the wipes, I take the one off the top and wring out the excess solution onto the remaining wipes in the container.

After using the wipe, it gets tossed into the diaper bag “pale” designated for dirty cloth diapers and wipes. (I’ll go into more detail about the bag in the cloth diaper post.)

Every 2-3 days the bag and its contents are washed. As wipes are cleaned, I add a few to the holder until all the leftover solution is soaked up and used.

That’s all there is to it. When the wipes are out, I am able to whip a new batch up in a matter of minutes. These homemade baby wipes are the cherry to my cloth diaper cake, I’ll tell ya!

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