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This December marks one whole year that I have gone without making a purchase at Target (6 years since being a Walmart customer). Alright, it wasn’t just me, Ryan is on this train too.

As you know, we stopped shopping at Walmart for an array of ethical reasons that we broke down here. Target was something of an accidental happening. It all started last year when when we were last minute shopping for a new Christmas tree stand. While coming up empty at Lowe’s, I overheard a customer asking about tree stands and how the Target next door was out as well. Quickly, I pulled out my phone and started searching for tree stands at any surrounding Target locations. Before I knew it, I was on the phone with a Target employee who promised a stand would be waiting for me at the customer service desk at a store across town. The last one in store was mine.

When we got there, the tree stand was nowhere to be found, nor was it ever there. It wasn’t just that they lied about holding one for us, , the customer service was a total joke. The store was a ghost town and when someone finally showed up no one knew what was going on. After being run in circles by a few employees, I made it clear that this just wasn’t ok (in a nice Stephanie Tanner, “how rude!” way). As I walked away to go find Ryan, who was searching on his own, a few young men chased me down to apologize and give me a coupon for 20% off of my next entire purchase. I never used it and I never went back.


Over the top? Maybe. But honestly, I was going there for just about everything. It is like Walmart’s more attractive sister. I have been inside Target twice in the past year. Once with friends looking for Brave’s gear (ultimately leaving empty handed) and once with Ryan just this past October to pick up a wedding gift off a friend’s wedding registry. As fate would have it, the registry system was down that day and no one could help us, so we headed out empty handed and a bit relieved to tell you the truth. I mean, we didn’t want to break the streak. And don’t worry the bride and groom were successfully gifted.

I don’t have terrible things to say about the company. They are a large highly profitable company that carries many of the products we just don’t buy anymore. We have never been so aware about where and how we spend a dollar, or in other words, show support. We shop more local than ever and in more wonderful places than ever. I no longer find joy in the convenience of having everything in one place.

Ladies, I have to tell you. I buy less random “got-to-have items” as well. In fact, I think we might actually be saving money by not shopping at Target.

We are 6 years strong no Walmart/Sam’s club and 1 year no Target, and I can only think of one or two times that it has actually inconvenienced us. We have lived in Atlanta for over a year now and just recently discovered the first Walmart anywhere nearby. We got a laugh out of it due to it being ridiculously close.

I hope you are feeling inspired and able. I’m not saying go cold turkey or stop shopping Target all together, but start looking around your community to find smaller businesses that might have just what you are looking for with a sweet price to boot. These are the people that live down the street, go to the same parks, and support the same community. You are far more likely to see your dollar directly impact your neighborhood by supporting a local business than an international business. You’ll end up feeling like a million bucks supporting the underdog and getting some legit caring customer service in return.

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