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Our 5 Favorite Vegetarian Cookbooks of 2015


It wasn’t until we switched to a vegetarian diet in March of 2013 that Ryan and I became ‘cookbook people.’ Prior to my unshakeable vegetarian cookbook love, I relied on websites like and Pinterest, or one of us would call home for an old family recipe. These weren’t bad sources, in fact they were some of the most delectable, but they weren’t always efficient or healthy.

We would much rather be breaking in a new cookbook. Our favorites are adorned with stains and pages that sometimes stick together. The best way to know what book we are eating from the most in any given week is by how many note tabs are sticking out of its pages. Before making a big grocery run, we gather all of our cookbooks and place makeshift bookmarks between the pages to save recipes for the coming week(s).


Though our little cookbook library continues to affectionately grow, these are our 2015 favorite vegetarian cookbooks:


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Vegetarian Bible

This was the first cookbook that we purchased once our focus turned towards a plant based diet. At a $9.98 bargain, we hit the jackpot. This vegetarian cookbook is full of filling meals that stand on their own as main courses. If you are looking for a large variety of tofu recipes, this book is for you. So many burgers, pastas, quiches, and easy lunch options lie within these pages. Nearly three years after its purchase, the Vegetarian Bible remains a consistent go-to.the-vegetarian-bible

D.I.Y. Delicious

Some of our favorite recipes have come from here. Ryan selected this cookbook from a local Asheville bookstore a couple years ago and has been swooning me with dinner ever since. The pinto bean and sweet potato enchiladas from our Delicious cookbook are a mega hit and have been a popular choice among our guests. This gem has a range of recipes from a simple potato salad to unexpected how-to’s on how to make your own almond milk or ginger beer. Any cookbook that talks about kombucha and fermentation is a must in our budding library of yum.DIY-Delicious-Cookbook

Deliciously Healthy Vegetables

The title doesn’t lie; this cookbook is filled with light nutritious Mediterranean dishes that hit the spot. We’ve found it hard to go wrong with anything we’ve made from this Deliciously Healthy cookbook. Most dishes are easy to make, and the best part is that they are healthy but still leave you full and satisfied. Even though Ryan and I love the cookbook for its vegetarian meals, it has a few chicken and beef recipes that can’t go unacknowledged. They look like they should be ordered at a fine dining restaurant. Deliciously-Healthy-Vegetables

The CSA Cookbook

This book is beautiful cover to cover and the recipes are well written and easy to follow. As good as the recipes are, I  actually love this cookbook even more for the way the author helps you connect to your produce in a whole new way. Nothing goes to waste, and we walk away inspired by each dish made. We shared a recipe using kale buds here last April. (Who knew kale buds tasted so good?) We are always pleasantly surprised with each new discovery in this gem.


Easy Everyday Vegetarian

Overall this Betty Crocker cookbook has the easiest recipes, but it tends to call for more processed foods (its only downfall). Everything in this cookbook is so comfy cozy.  One of my favorite slow cooker recipes is the lentil and vegetable casserole. A dish that can be paired with chips or bread, makes great leftovers, and for a vegetarian, it hits key nutrient points. Now is the perfect time of year to cook from the Easy Everyday Vegetarian to keep you warm on these cool nights..


Eating a meatless diet might sound difficult. Some people think you sacrifice flavor when you cut the meat. These five cookbooks say otherwise. We’ve only just begun to build our vegetarian cookbook library. Forks Over Knives is the newest addition in our kitchen… Something has me thinking it could be a 2016 staple.

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