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our little knoxville garden… update

This past weekend we discovered some exciting progress in our Knoxville garden. After having thought that most everything we had planted (corn, pumpkins, and black beans) didn’t make it due to drought and pests, this past visit we found the garden full of life! We even found raspberries ripe for picking and a load of blueberries that we can’t wait to devour later in the summer.


In our ‘so many projects, so little time‘ post, we explained about this years sheet mulching. What we didn’t tell you is that we had transplanted seedlings we grew in Atlanta into our Knox bed. Here is what it looked like with the garden prepped, mid planting.


We wanted to see what was going to happen before we filled you in on all the happenings. We feared we were going to be telling you about a failed attempt at planting a garden ‘away from home.’ In fact, before our last visit we were thinking up what to plant there next to replace the crops we thought had we lost.

Now that we know it survived, our fingers are crossed that it makes it through the summer.


This news topped off what was already a pretty great trip to Knoxville. We had spent our entire day at my parents celebrating my mom’s birthday. It’s far and in between when we can all get together. To have my sister and her family be able to spend the whole day, well, let’s just say everyone mentioned how awesome of a day it was ( a few times).

We all ate too much, as one tends to do at such shindigs. The morning started off with my dad making his pancakes, accompanied with country potatoes, eggs and bacon. Then after some fun in the sun, we ladies went inside and made the special brownies mom made us when we were kids. The husbands loved them. (Ryan now wants them for his birthday in August.) Brownies weren’t the only thing cooking in the kitchen. My mom had chicken in the slow cooker and squash in the oven (for us vegetarians… Ryan and I).

That brings me to the southwestern stuffed spaghetti squash. This stuff is so good and seemingly easy to make. We may have done things a little backwards, having dessert first, but we all managed to make room for this.


There were four halves filled with the delicious filling and topped with cheese. My mom even went out of her way to try and get raw milk cheese for me ( love her consideration). This recipe is a must try, you can get it here.

There is just one more thing I have to share. This cake…


Can you believe we got this guy at Kroger? It was the same price as a sheet cake so we thought, “why not walk in like ballers? ” Too bad we all were really too full for it…

All in all it was a great trip. We can’t wait to get back to see if we might have some home grown popcorn, pumpkins, and beans on our plates this summer and fall.

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