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our top 6 natural diy beauty products and why

natural beauty products

Last June, I took my first steps into natural beauty by making coconut oil face wash. Since that time, it has been a bit of a snowball effect. As I made more of my own beauty products I started weeding out all of my store bought products.


That meant even tossing nail polish.


It might sound like an extreme route, but I now have far more space in my bathroom and a long list of reasons why my DIY beauty products make me feel far more beautiful than my store bought products ever did.

natural beauty products

1. Homemade face wash
2. Homemade lotion bars

Happy Healthy Skin
Last year, I experienced eczema for the first time in my life. We are talking about the keep you up at night, Google your symptoms, and wanna hide under a rock kind of eczema. At the time, I was using a number of different lotions and washes from Bath & Body Works and Target thinking I was cleaning and moisturizing ‘safely.’ I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

Once I stopped using those products and switched to my own chemical free, leave jingle in your pocket skin care, my skin remained moisturized. This winter I not only went eczema free, but I didn’t even get dry skin.

The only products I currently use on my skin is a bar of natural soap, homemade face wash, and my new homemade lotion. No shaving cream, no fragrant washes, no lotions with dangerous consequences. If I don’t recognize an ingredient, I don’t buy it. The results? Happy healthy skin (head to toe) and one very happy lady.

3. Hair Wash

Good Hair Days for Days
Before I made my own hair wash, I was the girl searching the web for ingredients to avoid in shampoo and asking any girl with great hair what her secret was. I began to think I was just the odd girl out. I thought that I just didn’t have the ‘good hair gene,’ and it was something me and my ponytail were going to have to make peace with. Wrong!


My perfect match was under my nose the entire time. I had the ingredients in my house all along: baking soda and apple cider vinegar. I just needed to step outside the box and try something new. Since the switch from store bought to homemade, my hair confidence has done a 180. No bright colored bottles with empty promises and heavy fragrances could ever make me turn back. I am leaving those bad hair days in the rear view mirror.

4. Dropping nail polish and rubbing lemons on my nails

White Strong Nails
I first noticed an increase in my nail’s health when we went vegetarian and started eating as close to the earth as we could (no GMOs, BHT, high fructose corn syrup, carrageenan….”nothing grandma wouldn’t recognize as food”). To keep them up to par, I rub a lemon over my nails.


My toenails have lived a different life than my fingernails as I don’t know the last time they saw day light. I have always had my toenails painted until this past year when I decided it would be healthier to having boring no-color nails. After going paint free, I noticed a considerable improvement. They went from showing negative signs of being painted for countless years, to gleaming like a new born babies.

5. Homemade hair gel

Good hair, Y’all
This is Ryan’s favorite. He had for several years used many different types of hair gels to style his hair just right. A few years back he started seeing a little thinning on top along with dry unhealthy hair and scalp.

About three months ago, he made the switch to DIY natural hair gel and never looked back. It has all the hold he needs and leaves his hair healthy and moisturized. Plus, his thinning hair has started to thicken back up. Who wouldn’t want to hear that news?


6. DIY tootpaste

Pearly Whites (minus the chemicals)
We have only been using our DIY toothpaste for a short time but continue to be over the moon with the results. Bad breath is a rarity, our gums have shown improvement, and our teeth are whiter than when we were using store bought tootpaste.

Adjusting to the texture and different taste was small potatoes in comparison to using toothpaste with seriously dangerous chemicals and a warning label.

Long live the natural route.

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