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September 8, 2012 may have been just another day to most people, but for Ryan and I, it was the day we got married. And like all other weddings everything went off without a hitch… pfft, I think we know that can’t be true.

Ryan proposed to me on October 22, 2011 in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Fun random fact, we got hit by the big heavy wet snow storm in the northeast on the 30th and lost power and water for 12 days. At least I had some personal excitement to keep me somewhat distracted.

Distance was a huge factor for us, we had taken on a destination wedding in the midst of Ryan finishing graduate school and moving for a job in Boston. Being over 900 miles away in Massachusetts, our parents became our eyes and ears in Tennessee, where our wedding was taking place. They scoped venues, went to bridal shows, sought caterers, etc. We even had Skype meetings with some folks to figure things out.

knoxville-brideWe certainly had our hiccups. The venue that we first hoped to book didn’t have our date. After finding our venue, there was a coordinator switch just weeks before the wedding; I had to start from scratch with a new one. (This was a total sore spot with the venue.) We planned for a garden wedding and it rained, of course. Every wedding has something go haywire, right? Or is that just something we tell ourselves?

The day of rehearsal, we were exhausted and the heat was on. Seriously, we had been living in the north for years and we showed it… Sweaty southern hug anyone?

My wedding memories might have stings, but they’re not to overshadow the ones I will forever cherish. We had a bunch of our friends from Mass travel down south to see us tie the knot, and the families I was a nanny for, both in TN and MA were a part of the day. My sweet girls were my flower girls (I cared for them when they were just babies- they carried burlap signs that read “all you need is love” and “here comes the bride”). I am still taken back by the selflessness in all their effort to make it for one day and fill such special roles.

flower-girlsThen there was my amazing grandpa, it was one of my last times with him. His cancer was getting the best of him and he still fought to see me get married traveling many hours the day after treatment. I was blessed to have him there and to share the words and time we did. (If you get an opportunity to tell someone what they mean to you, take it.) It wasn’t just his presence that meant so much. He also cut the wood for my dessert table. You couldn’t keep that man down if you tried.

No memory trumps the one where I said, “I do” to the man of my dreams, but it sure is touching to look back and see all the kind acts that made our day what it was. While Ryan and I did what we could from where we were, my parents were having a DIY free for all in their garage. They assembled our cake holders, made a sign to give Ryan’s mom, made signs for the gardens and flower girls, the list could go on and on. The same goes for Ryan’s parents.

They ran around like crazy the day of, decorating and scrambling to adjust to the rain. My sister who was two weeks from having her second baby exhausted herself to make my day special (she can’t hold her passion for a successful party back). We have been blessed with giving family and friends.

We celebrate two years, today. The burn of it raining out the vintage garden wedding we originally planned (complete with croquet, candy bar, and more) has washed away, and all that matters is on that day we officially became one and had one of the best nights of our life with so many near and dear people in our hearts. It’s always interesting to look behind the curtain of events such as weddings, this is just a glimpse behind ours.


Bonus: We promptly went straight into blowing off steam and basking in calmed nerves after the wedding. Ryan captured my most glamorous moments via iPhone. You’d never guess six months later I would become vegetarian.


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