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oyster mushroom bacon here to stay

When you are a vegetarian, things like bacon flavored mushrooms is enough to have you shouting from the rooftops. Our friends can certainly attest to that. Mushrooms haven’t always been an easy sell in this house, as Ryan isn’t a big fan of their texture. Let me tell ya, not once has mushroom bacon brought complaints.


When we first traded our Hopi watermelon seeds for a Pink Oyster mushroom cultivating kit at the cultural exchange, we were ecstatic to try our hand at growing something new and unusual for us. Lucky for us, we were getting an easy start as Pink Oyster mushrooms are easy to care after. All we had to do was prep the bag (puncture it in varies places for the mushrooms to grow out of), provide temperatures between 70-85 degrees, and spritz with water on occasion.

If you want your own Pink Oyster mushrooms, they are available seasonally at many farmers markets and health food stores. Because they are so easy to grow, they are a staple at any mushroom supply store locally or online. `


We discussed a few dishes to consider adding Pink Oysters to, but when Ryan said he read they taste like bacon when cooked, a simple pan fry shot to the top of the list. Mushroom bacon, say what? We had to try it for ourselves. (By now, you are probably realizing I love a quick cooked anything.)

After harvesting our mushrooms by tearing several of the larger ones from the base, we grabbed butter and a skillet and trudged forward with our vegetarian bacon dream. Once the butter was melted, we threw on a few mushrooms torn into smaller pieces and let ’em sizzle.


Like bacon, the Pink Oyster Mushrooms can be crisp or a little more soft and chewy depending on how long you cook them. (Smaller pieces tend to cook crispier with larger pieces staying chewier.) Both ways are fabulous and crave worthy, especially if you’re asking anyone around here.


Once they have cooked for a few minutes, they will become crispy on the edges and mostly browned through the rest of the mushroom. We placed the cooked pieces on a plate where they remain for a very short period of time. Serve with a little sprinkling of salt. I usually eat my share before they are all done being cooked.  Mushroom bacon for life, baby.

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