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spicy pickled green tomatoes… I love ’em!

A couple weeks ago, we made our own dill pickles for the first time. Since then, we have tried a number of different pickled treats and it has us inspired and driven to keep pickling on…


The other night, Ryan was a pickling machine. He made this lucky wife more dill pickles, pickled okra, and pickled green tomatoes.

If you haven’t tried pickled green tomatoes, I encourage you to make or find some on the asap. Ryan and I don’t even like tomatoes, but after we tried pickled green tomatoes at the farmers market, we knew that we had make this for ourselves. Having plans for the fallen tomatoes from our little tomato fiasco made it an easier blow.


We used about 6-7 pounds (just an estimate) of green tomatoes that we had gathered from our towering tomato plants and got six jars of pickled goodness. That is about one and a half batches of this recipe.

Here’s what you need to make your own spicy pickled green tomatoes.


Spicy pickled green tomatoes

large pot
4 mason jars (pint size)
5 lbs. green tomatoes cut in chunks/cubes
1 small onion
8 cloves garlic (total)
2 jalapenos
2 tsp. dill seed or 2-3 sprigs of dill weed
1tsp paprika (per jar)
1tsp black peppercorns (per jar)
2-3 bay leaves (per jar)
2 quarts water
2quarts white vinegar
6tbs pickling salt
Before doing anything else look each jar over making sure there are no cracks, nicks, warped edges, etc that might cause it to break or  prevent it from sealing.  Check out the lids too. (We even  found a couple that couldn’t be used, for canning at least.) When you are canning (versus refrigerator pickles) you want to heat the jars (not lids) before using them. Place them in a pot with hot water and let them simmer, not boil, until you are ready to load ’em up.

Cut up the vegetables. Slice the onions and jalapenos into slivers and divide amongst the 4 jars. Add two cloves of garlic and the spices to each jar. Finally, add the chunks of green tomato taking care to pack the jars tightly  leaving a little room below the rim.

Get the brine cooking over med-high heat and bring to a boil. Once the brine is ready pour it into each jar filling it a 1/2inch below the top of the jar.

Wipe the rims dry (so the jars seal properly) and place the lids on- screwing the rings till fingertip tight.

Place the packed jars in a large pot with enough water to cover them. Bring this to a boil and let them cook for 10 minutes. Using a ‘jar grabbing tool’, retrieve the pickled tomatoes and place them on a cooling rack. Now just wait for those lids to ‘POP’ (the sound it makes when it seals).

Here’s the hard part… You have to wait two weeks to let them marinate. The count is on- I can’t wait to pry into these pickled tomatoes. They will be a nice shift from all these sweet treats I have been baking up for Ryan’s birthday.

UPDATE: Finally, after weeks of pickled tomatoes staring us in the face, we cracked one open. Aside from the good taste, salty is what stood out. So, we’ve gone ahead and adjusted the recipe, cutting back the salt 2 tbs. I anticipate  the longer they have to marinate the better they’ll get, much like the pickled watermelon. (Looking forward to the older jars.)

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