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We plant where the sun takes us, or wherever Ryan decides is the best location. I should trust him since he does have an undergrad in plant science. Last week we shared our little breakthrough, of light that is. With the light from above beaming down on us, it was time to prepare and plant another natural and organic garden.


The tree trimming was particularly thrilling because we had already pegged this area to be where the next garden bed would go in. With the improved lighting situation and seedlings that were more than ready to be planted, it was time to indulge in more double digging. I mean what kind of sense does it make to use a gas guzzling, soil destroying tiller in an organic garden?


We proudly knocked this bed prep out in one day and were planting it the following day.

We dedicated the backyard bed to peppers, tomatoes, okra, melons, and some herbs. Understanding the relationship between plants can be hugely beneficial. Whether it be a boost of nutrients, protecting one another from bugs, or providing shade it’s good to find your plants mate.


Tomatoes were planted on the south side of the bed intermingled with the peppers. You don’t want to grow these two next to each other every year, but it is okay to plant them in the same bed. The tomatoes will help shade the peppers a little during the hottest days. Basil was planted between the tomatoes to enhance the flavor and repel pests such as mosquitoes, flies, and spider mites. Okra is tall and grows fast, the tomatoes will love them for their ability to help protect them against wind and some sun, as well as a few pests, such as aphids. Melons were planted around the okra as living mulch, shading the ground helping to hold in moisture.


With the plants in the ground, we used broken down leaves, compost, and comfrey to lightly sheet mulch. We hit them with some compost tea to give them a good start. All of this not only adds a major boost (thanks, compost tea and comfrey) to the plants and soil, it also helps hold in the moisture and keeps the plants cool.


They all seem to be loving it thus far. It’s amazing how fast everything is growing now. Can’t wait to eat…

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