pumpkin fluff this thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is this Thursday and we, like many of you, are planning our dishes. Is it me or does the holiday season feel like something you should buckle up for? We have three separate dinners this year. It is going to be hectic jumping between locations, but we are just thankful to be south enough to do it. The hustle and bustle ahead will be better than our 2012 New England takeout Thanksgiving for two. .


To make life a little easier on us, we are going to make a few dishes now and freeze them for the day of. First up, pumpkin fluff. It is a recipe I came across at over at 100 Days of Real Food (this girl knows what’s up) and had to try. It’s like a fall play off of one of my childhood favorites, marshmallow fruit dip. Fun fact: as sad as it is to our taste buds, we no longer eat marshmallow in this house due to the gelatin (animal by-product).


We followed the recipe (here) exactly, but you know us, we had to tweak some things. We doubled the spices and vanilla extract, and squeezed about a quarter of a lemon into the mix. It wasn’t as smooth textured as we would have liked thanks to the old school processor we used when making our homemade pumpkin puree, but it was still bomb.

This dip is just the right amount of sweetness sure to pair well with graham crackers and apples. I’m excited to present something different this year. Hoping to win over the little ones – always the toughest critics.


With a freezer full of frozen kale, tomatillos, and okra it was a tight squeeze but we got our pumpkin fluff to fit in the freezer. I can take a breath knowing that one dish is done. And you can rest assured Ryan will be making his famous okra for all three stops.

I hope your kitchen was as hopping as ours has been this month and that you enjoyed our little pumpkin series. With pumpkin and spice and fall fully absorbed, we are starting to think about Christmas ahead. Here goes nothing, we are jumping on the roller coaster that is the holidays.

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