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putting your memories in a jar

Jartastic and all jarlicious, it’s how I’m keeping the memories (i.e. taking jars and filling them with scattered keepsakes).


There are many ways to keep memories: scrapbooking, memory boxes, shadow boxes, and even personal photos on the wall. My new favorite way to keep the memories alive is using Ball Mason jars.

Until I started keeping memories in a jar, I either had seashells and other memorabilia from trips in a box or tried to fit them on a shelf next to pictures. It just wasn’t working and either way it felt cluttered.

I think that’s part of why I am loving the memories in a jar. I can decoratively display meaningful events without taking up lots of space or coming out scattered. Prior to the jars, I successfully memory-fied a picture frame that I picked up at T.J. Maxx by gluing seashells (from our first beach trip together) to the frame. Once I topped it off with a picture from that same trip, it made for an easy and sentimental Christmas gift.


When we used to hike around the New England area, we would take a single rock back home with us to remember the trail. Some have landed in windowsills. Others top the soil of indoor plants. I’m thinking our next epic backpacking/hiking venture gets a jar. We have been itching to go hide in the woods take a weekend and soak in nature’s beauty. I can’t help but reminisce… here we are in Vermont and New Hampshire…hiking-vermont


Now that I have had several months to walk past these guys, I can’t help but think about more ways to adjust the style of jar to fit the mood in different rooms. (I might have to hold myself back from gravitating towards another kind of Ball jar. It’s a struggle.) We already have a few travel plans for the year and it has my crafty wheels a turning.


And hey, it doesn’t have to be all shells and rocks. Dried flowers, ticket stubs, tokens, and pictures from a photo booth are some other fun ideas. You could even do something sweet for a baby and put little booties, rattle, blocks with initials, etc. inside. No matter the occasion, take a jar and cheers to the memories. Now that I’ve taken it a little over the top, let’s quietly move on…

The bottom line is, from what I have experienced, placing special items in a jar is way easier than a shadow box (not that those aren’t cute). It allows you to be reminded of that event on the daily. My favorite duo is the image above of Ryan getting ready to propose (unbeknownst to me) next to a jar filled with tokens from the day (mostly sea shells).

What memories are you going to put in a jar?

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    January 15, 2015 at 9:47 pm

    You might need to get a bigger jar. LOL. It will be fun for your kids to look in your jar at all the things you have collected over the years.

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