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Quick Tips Tuesday: Velcro Garden Ties

Welcome to our new series, Quick Tips Tuesdays. This is where we will drop in on any given Tuesday with tips too good not to share, or stuff we are digging that’s just not juicy enough for a long post.

Velcro Garden Ties

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Today, I’m sharing a garden product we use that makes tying up veining plants (i.e. tomatoes, raspberries, etc.) faster, more efficient and saves money to boot. We fell in love with Velcro ties long ago and mentioned them two years ago in our tomato training post. Now that the same ones are still being used this many years later, I can’t help but dig on this classic invention even harder.

velcro-garden-tiesTo use Velcro garden ties, pull as much as you’ll need from the roll and cut. Then, press the strip together around the objects you’re keeping in place. When the season is done or the ties are done being used, remove them and store for next year. We keep our reused ties in a big jar that we can pull from anytime. Gone are the days of endless twine buying. Those coarse fibers can dig into softer stemmed plants. Plus, I don’t think any of us miss tying knot after knot.

If you have had any disease problems, it’s a good idea to disinfect the ties before reusing them. To disinfect, simply dip the ties in a gallon or so of water mixed with a splash of bleach. Once the ties have dried, toss them back in with the rest to use later.

Velcro ties aren’t a new thing by any means, but if you were ever curious, now you know- they get two big ol’ thumbs up.

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