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kombucha slug trap

After all the hard work that goes into getting your garden running, there is nothing better than watching your produce grow and flourish. We are fighting to keep our latest plants growing and keep them out of harm’s way. And by harm’s way, I mean the mouths of deer, slugs, and other way too common detrimental pests. Nothing ruffles my feathers like walking out and seeing that a deer had dinner on us the night before, or finding that a slug is going around making holes in the leaves of our blooming plants.

We are taking action to protect our produce against such criminals. This post is focused on how we’re fighting back against the slugs. We took a couple different approaches to achieve a slug free garden and came out with the same results, a cup full of slugs. This became a little bit of a challenge between Ryan and I to see who’s way worked better. I like my way better, but his works too (wink wink).

Her way to catch slugs in the garden

slug beer trap

What you’ll need:

  • Michelob Ultra (one of the best beers to use in a beer slug trap)
  • Little plastic 3 once cups


Once you have your materials gathered all you have to do is pick the troublesome spot in your garden and dig a hole just deep enough for the cup to fit. You want to be able to place the cup in the hole and have the soil meet the rim of the top of the cup. Then pour a couple tablespoons of beer into the trap.


I chose to place my beer slug trap under one of our rhubarb leaves since slugs like dark cool places…  they also love to munch on rhubarb leaves. Then I planted two other slug traps in the same bed but around the alpine strawberries. It’s pretty crummy picking a strawberry just to find that a slug has eaten through it. The next morning every cup looked like this.

beer slug traps that work

In all honesty, I feel extremely bad about taking the slugs out. I hate killing anything, and I actually think they are cute… big weirdo, I know. Slugs and frogs from the yard were some of my ‘pets’ growing up. (Who says frogs don’t love hanging out in Barbie’s dream house?) As much as I like the slimy guys, I like my garden fresh produce more, so let’s move on to Ryan’s methods.

His way to catch slugs in the garden

kombucha slug trap

What you’ll need:

  • Recycled container with lid
  • Michelob Ultra or Kombucha

Ryan built his trap with a cover because slugs navigate to dark cool places. He based his trap on a fancier slug trap he spotted online.

DIY Slug Traps
Using recycled personal sized yogurt cups from Trader Joe’s, we did just that. Ryan cut four openings at the top of the container just below the rim. You want to make sure to cut the holes in a manner that the rim is still strong enough that the lid can be placed back on top.


Because the yogurt container we used had a clear lid, I quickly spray painted them with brown paint we had kicking around.

Once the containers were prepped, beer was poured into one and kombucha into the other. With the lids in place we planted these slug traps in the same areas as my open containers were placed. The results?
A couple of slugs caught and sadly a worm.


One thing to note: Kombucha catches a few slugs and a ton of fruit flies.

Nevertheless, no matter how you cut it, both his and her traps worked. Did one work better than the other? Mayyybe (wink wink). Whatever trap you choose to make, I hope your garden sees a turn around and thrives like a loved garden should.

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