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scoby for pets: homemade dog treats

If you aren’t on the kombucha train, you are missing out on one tasty tea with tons of health benefits. If you are, you may be wondering what to do with all those extra scoby. Well, here’s the real scoop, kombucha and scoby aren’t only good for humans but are beneficial to many of our furry friends. They help promote healthy coats and give them a shine. It has even be known to cure mange and other health conditions. If I had chickens (I want some so bad it hurts), you can bet scoby would be in their diet. Instead, I have an Ellie dog and a Kearney cat.

I’m taking a break from being the scoby guinea pig and put these guys up to the challenge. What I’m learning is that kombucha and scoby aren’t just man’s best friend…

Here are a few ways for pets to get the benefits of scoby and kombucha:

  • Scoby dog treats
  • Adding pieces of scoby to pet’s food
  • Adding kombucha to water
  • Bathing with kombucha

I haven’t tried all the methods just yet. Though, what I have done for those with four legs has been a hit around here.


The biggest hit has been the homemade dog treats. To make Ellie’s treats, I selected the thickest scoby out of what Ryan has set aside for ‘alternate scoby uses’. I cut them in half and placed them in the dehydrator. After giving her half a scoby and watching her devour it in seconds, I will be leaving them whole from here on. Big dogs= big scoby

Set the dehydrator at 95 degrees and get comfortable. These guys take 24 hours to reach jerky texture.


For the little pieces of scoby I mix them into their food, I used the thinner scobies and cut them to size. They are also dehydrated at 95 degrees but don’t take nearly as long.


Once a day I add a few scoby pieces to their food.

Some folks actually add a little kombucha tea to their pet’s food. My plan for when the next batch of kombucha tea is ready, is to add a splash to Ellie’s water bowl. And since Kearney will now only drink out of the dog’s bowl (and the faucet), he will be getting in on the action too.

Apparently, the next best thing to drinking kombucha to achieve healthy hair, is to straight up wash with it. I am really happy with my natural hair wash, but after reading about this off the wall way to use kombucha, my furry friends might be in for another adventure. When I use kombucha as a rinse in their future baths, I’ll come back by here and drop an update.

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