screw it, let’s live naturally

It’s becoming hard to tell when this all started for us. Our passion for all things ‘green’ and pure runs deep. This natural pursuit has been a lifetime in the making. For us, it’s not a trendy thing; it’s a way of life. We have put our foot down and there is no going back.


Modern living is convenient and scary. As our lives get easier, we have a more distant connection with what we eat, what we buy, and who we support. We don’t really know what is in our products, how they are made, or who and what was hurt in the process. Sure, if you take the time to research the process, the ugly truth is there to be found. More often than not, a blind eye is turned. I find it so hurtful and upsetting the power that a dollar has. Shortcuts are made, harmful chemicals are added, and lies are told all to create a product and earn money.

Everything seems so contaminated by greed… even the way that we farm has come under attack. Multinational agrochemical companies are suing and ultimately bankrupting local farmers over saving seed from their harvest. It’s not just the world of seeds changing and affecting our health; it’s the animals too. The mass production of chickens, pigs, cows, etc. and the horrendous environment they live in is an embarrassment. (I could burst into tears now.) There are better ways.


One of the reasons that I am a vegetarian is that I refuse to support the industrial production of meat. My life is not so important that hundreds of animals must suffer and die so I can have something that tastes good on my plate. Stay with me here, I know there are ‘happy’ farm animals ready to be slaughtered in a ‘humane’ way, but I choose to not eat those either. The typical American diet laden with meat results in high rates of cancer, high cholesterol, weight gain, and so on and so forth. Some days I feel like I am waving my arms in the air like an S.O.S.


Mass meat production and consumption isn’t only killing us, it is killing our planet. The pollution created by these animals is something to fear and sadly not talked about. The Face on Your Plate is a fantastic read. This book has set my soul on fire wanting to scream for help for a world wide awakening, as well as shedding many tears. (I just want to spread love and happiness, and eating tortured animals is anything but. I see them like I see people. We are all one in the same, and I want to live my life showing all love and respect, lord knows we all need it.)

For the sake of perking this post up, look at this sweet face…


Are you rolling your eyes? This is more often then not the response Ryan and I get when we share our knowledge behind the passion. Some of our closest friends think we are totally misinformed and living a bit radically. Then there are folks like my dad ,who are impressed with our willpower to live and eat like we do but are totally happy keeping on the way they always have. Not everyone finds us extreme or ‘misinformed’. Nothing feels better than when someone tells us that we have inspired them to make their own change. We get a kick out of our friends who proudly exclaim how many days they have gone without meat or how much they have cut back.

This passion for seeing others live happier, simpler, cleaner lives is this natural dream. It is us saying there is no better way than to just start asking questions and see where the answers lead you. To know where your products come from (because you made it yourself), whether products in your home are safe for you and your children, and to know where your food comes from by growing your own from gmo-free heirloom seeds or buying from a local organic farmer, that is this natural dream.


To a world of convenience that seems to hand you cancer on a platter, this is us saying, “screw it, let’s live naturally.”

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