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Spring On The Atlanta Beltline

What is it about the transitional seasons of fall and spring that draw people outdoors? It has to be the delightful temperatures and inspiring pops of color. I know spring particularly has me chomping at the bit to get outside. I’m more eager to work the garden, and I have a serious itch to walk the trails and park paths around the city. If our gardens didn’t take so much of our time, you’d find me frolicking in a park with Ellie dog and swinging by the King of Pops popsicle stand for a cool treat on a daily basis. Those fruity and flavorful pops are a serious pregnancy craving of mine. It’s the kind of craving that lingers long after having had a fix.

Last week I had the opportunity to indulge in both a long stroll and the popsicle when my friend Gabrielle and I had a play date in the early spring temperatures. She and I became friends eight years ago in Knoxville. As fate would have it, we landed in the same city after Ryan and I moving several times and the love of dance bringing her to the ATL. (Check her out here.) She lives near the Atlanta Beltline, so it was convenient for us to meet at her place and walk over to the trail.


Though Ryan and I have wanted to explore the Atlanta Beltline for some time, it was my first time walking the trail. The Beltline is actually an extensive trail network currently being expanded to ultimately connect 45 intown neighborhoods. On this day, Gabrielle and I walked the Eastside trail.

I knew the Beltline was covered in art, but I just wasn’t expecting as much as there was. In true Atlanta form the bridges were completely decked out with murals. It was the steady flow of exhibits that took me by surprise. They provided a nice break in the walk to take a minute and absorb a little art.


Between the budding spring trees and art were views of the city skyline.


With so much eye-catching inspiration and good conversation, it was easy for us gals to walk from the Beltline to Piedmont Park where we looped back to the Beltline. I have to admit that I felt a little guilty enjoying such a beautiful day while Ryan was at work, even more so since I could see his office from the park.


It was on our walk back that my pregnancy craving could not be fought any longer, so we made a stop into Ponce City Market for a King of Pops Popsicle. The market being easily accessible from the trail made the stop a n0-brainer – they might as well of had the welcome mat out. If you are in the Atlanta area Ponce Market is a great place to swing in for shopping and good eats alike.


To top our walk off, we hit Krog Street where there was more art (one of the things Atlanta does best).


I was on the hunt for enchiladas so we toured the new Krog Street Market. Thanks to the oddball hours we popped in on the promising restaurant, they weren’t serving the full menu (womp womp). It wasn’t the ideal way to end a lovely afternoon on our spring outing walking the Beltline, but Gabrielle did score some healthy award winning XOCOLATL chocolate while we were there. (And Ryan took me for enchiladas that night for dinner- shwing!)


I’m already pining to get back on the trail. I’d love to walk even more of the Atlanta Beltline and see the connecting neighborhoods. The trail is still a work in progress but there are many miles I have yet to venture.

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