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We recently had the pleasure of attending a wedding back in Knoxville to see Ryan’s cousin Tyler marry his beautiful bride, Chastin. The lovely couple were getting married at Hunter Valley Farm, a venue Ryan and I actually looked at back when were planning our wedding. We thought that we had an idea of what to expect with the venue, but they had made so many updates to the property. The difference was astounding. We couldn’t wait to share what we experienced.


You couldn’t have asked for a better day to get married outside. It felt absolutely amazing out, and the way the sun cut so perfectly through the trees had me reminiscent of our friend’s fall wedding at Fillauer Lake House. It made for perfect lighting for the bride to be walked down the aisle. I can only imagine the view Tyler had watching his bride.


We were already in love with the ceremony before it even started. There were a few things we immediately noticed and loved like the alternating church pews and chairs and the old limbs that created an arch for the couple to marry under. It gave off a sweet, rustic, and handmade vibe perfectly suited to them. The way Chastin’s wedding colors played against the background topped it all off.

The ceremony was very thoughtful and personal. I said I wouldn’t cry, but I definitely teared up. Weddings and babies get me every time; there’s just no fighting it.


It was fun trying to figure out what parts of the wedding decorations were choices from Hunter Valley’s extensive rental collection and what were made by the very handy Tyler and Chastin. The couple knows how to take on a project or two having both worked and met at Home Depot. Tyler is working to become a master carpenter and even installed Ryan’s parent’s master bath makeover, but that’s getting off topic. We were all loving how Tyaler showcased his skills by cutting and finishing a beautiful heart out of burl wood to use as their guest book.

wood-heart-guest-book Wood-guest-book

They are talking about putting a glass top on it and making it a table (it’s a big heart). I love the idea. What a sweet and unique way to remember such a special day.

After the ceremony, guests gathered on the patio for drinks while the couple took pictures. Ryan and I were digging this space. It felt like a bistro covered in flowers with pops of color everywhere. It was the perfect complement to the sentimental ceremony we had just witnessed.

bistro patio

Once we walked into the stables, the rustic elegance continued. You would never have guessed that there were actually horses being kept in the stables when Ryan and I toured the venue three year prior. It was amazing for us to see the before and after. The reception area was dimly lit with light fixtures that caught our eye almost instantly.


Just as you walked past the catering table there was a gorgeous bar with wood carved table and stools.  Their catering was provided by Dead End Barbecue a local favorite (and also where we had our rehearsal dinner). You should have seen Ryan’s excitement when the menu was revealed.


As you walked further into the building, you were greeted head-on by the bride and groom table. Chastin had the tables decorated with an assortment of votives. Some were filled with water and floating candles. Others were filled with baby’s breath and a single rose. Adding height to the tables, she had branches in vases with strings of crystals hanging from the ends and other tall vases topped with a bouquets of feathers.


Something unexpected that I thought was a fun idea was a photo scavenger hunt framed on the tables.

Another area Chastin’s taste came shining through was the flower girl’s dresses. Their wedding had the most adorable flower girls and ring bearers. I didn’t get a good picture of them coming down the aisle, but I did get one of Ryan’s cousin, Leah later in the night.


Leah loves to fist bump, which was as equally adorable as the dress. She and Ryan are demonstrating below.


From the table dedicated to sweets to the photo booth, this wedding was hitting all my favorites.


Like all weddings should, the night ended with guests cutting a rug. There’s something about a full dance floor on such a celebratory day. It definitely warms the heart.


Sending the newlyweds off was the most exciting part of the event next to seeing the bride for the first time, of course.


The Stinnett story doesn’t end here for us. The newlyweds drove their truck to Atlanta the following day, and we dropped them off at the airport to send them on their honeymoon. Truck was a key word in the previous sentence. In return for parking their truck at our place and dropping them off, all things we were happy to do, Tyler encouraged us to use it while it was there. I will definitely have to tell you about our little truck adventures, but we’re saving that for next time.


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