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summer’s over for the knoxville garden

While we are still enjoying the fruits of our labor in our Atlanta garden, our Knoxville hugelkultur bed has completed its summer run.


Before I go any further, let me apologize for the forthcoming crummy pictures. When we stopped by Ryan’s folks to visit the garden, we had left our swanky camera at my parents. The one we usually use while on the run is currently out of commission.

When we last saw our Knoxville garden it looked like this…


We left that day full of hope and crossed fingers that things would hold up. When we returned, it looked like this…


Powdery mildew significantly reduced the bounty that could have been with our pumpkins, insects took out the black beans, and due to a number of things (lack of sun, insect damage, and limited pollination) we didn’t reap half of what we could have with our popcorn and sweet corn. We were feeling a bit depleted with our return.


But not so much so that we couldn’t find some serious joy in our hefty box of pumpkins. This box was still a two man job.


Last year, we were given a pumpkin and instead of the traditional carving, we ate-it-up. Since then, we have found some mad appreciation for these orange friends. Not only is there an array of ways to cook up pumpkin (pumpkin ravioli is a must), but they actually store for a long time and are great for your health.

The one bag of corn we picked, was um, less than expected. Y’all, we planted a lot of corn. Four rows the length of the bed, and we got one bag. We just didn’t have the right conditions and lost a lot of seedlings. I guess Tennessee folks do “get their corn from a jar.”


Some of the positive things we saw were the comfrey blowing up, no real surprise there, and my rhubarb is still coming along nicely. We have been growing many more rhubarb plants from seed to join this guy next year. I can’t wait to make a rhubarb pie from scratch like my mom makes.


Live Garden and learn, that’s what I say. With our first year of having an out of town garden under our belt, we are walking away with a more understanding and a slew of ideas for the next round. Until then, we have a date night with homemade home grown popcorn in our future.


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