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The Homestead Atlanta has officially taken on Atlanta Food Swap. (You might recall me geeking out over handmade pottery and other handcrafted goods at our first swap here.) Food Swap is where folks come together and swap all kinds of homemade, homegrown, or even foraged food. You can find more specific information here and how to get in on the fun.


Currently, The Homestead Atlanta wants to have the swap at a new location every month introducing it to different neighborhoods each month. When it starts to heat up outside, we’d like take it back to the Goat Farm where the Atlanta Food Swap was held all of last year.

Here is how our first swap went down. We set up at a local coffee shop, Hodgepodge, and let the crowd flood in.


As each person arrived, they set their goods out and placed a given piece of paper (bid sheet) in front of each item with the name of the person and item. Below the name is where another person can come by and write a suggested swap. For example, three eggs for one jar of canned tomatoes.


Folks get to mingle and look around for a while. When the official swap is announced to start, you find the people on your bid sheet that you want to swap with. It might not sound that exciting, but it really is a good time.


There has yet to be a Food Swap that hasn’t been full of wants. Just check out a little of what was brought in this last time.




This event is a great way to meet people in your area, find what others have growing in their gardens, and what they are cooking in their kitchens. Check it out for yourself next time. You will walk away with some new recipes and tons of new inspiration.


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