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  • garden chores

    Our September Garden Chores

    After such a tough summer, we are excited about our September garden chores as a big part of them is planting our fall gardens. The break in the summer heat that…

  • august garden chores
    garden chores

    Our August Garden Chores

    Our August garden chores are definitely going to be on refocusing ourselves and rejuvenating our gardens. As joyous as much of this year has been, we have failed this summer in…

  • april garden chores
    garden chores

    Our April Garden Chores

    Our Georgia garden is a flurry of activity in April, and our April garden chores list definitely reflects it. With this year’s consistently high temperatures so early in the year, we…

  • our february garden chores
    garden chores

    Our February Garden Chores

    Because this year has started out throwing everything it can at us, it feels like the storm of activity in the gardens has already flooded in. Our February garden chores are…

  • our gardens

    Giving Thanks For Our Gardens

    With Thanksgiving in the rear view, we haven’t stopped giving thanks just to friends and family, we have been reflecting on the year in the garden as well. This past year…

  • garden diy

    diy compost sifter

    Even the most finished of composts can still contain little pieces of organic matter that has not yet finished decomposing. There’s nothing worse than trying to rake out the large pieces…

  • garden diy

    easy diy worm factory rolling base

    Many years ago, while living in Massachusetts, we made the decision to test our feet in the wonderful world of vermicomposting. Because our winters are always cold, we needed an indoor…