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    How To Start Your Own Mushroom Log

    From the moment we moved onto our current property, we knew it was the perfect environment to grow mushrooms. The shade from large oak trees (that limit our gardening potential) also…

  • diy

    An Easy and Inexpensive DIY Flower Crown

    This week Ryan and I packed up our newborn and headed to Knoxville for another shoot with Sun Kissed Smiles Photography. Our little bean took the 3 and a half hour…

  • drinks

    Garden Fresh Tea = The Best Tea

    I have a longtime love affair with tea. I distinctly remember indulging in a big mug of hot tea and bag of popcorn regularly in middle school. Oh, yes, my idea of a relaxing…

  • diy

    5 Simple Lavender Uses

    From the moment we added lavender to our herb garden last year, I have been eagerly awaiting the scent of fresh cut blooms filling the house. Last year we didn’t see…

  • DIY-baby-shower-sign
    pregnancy and baby

    First Baby Shower- Tears And All

    There is something incredibly moving about a group of people coming together to show love for someone they don’t even know. This weekend that love was directed towards our little bean.…

  • diy-garden-trellis---how-to-buiild-a-cucumber-trellis
    garden diy

    DIY Garden Trellis

    Last year, we built our bamboo garden arbor spanning the distance between our raised beds to use as a cucumber trellis. After realizing that we still didn’t have enough cucumbers to keep up…

  • how to sharpen a reel mower
    garden tools

    How to Sharpen a Reel Mower

    Our reel mower has been a joy to use, and it has finally started to show. The reel mower we bought last year no longer cuts like it should and has…