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    Our 10 Favorite Baking Soda Uses

    While it was once the solution to an assortment of household dilemmas, baking soda is that go-to pantry staple that has since fallen by the wayside. It has been replaced by an…

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    Garden Fresh Tea = The Best Tea

    I have a longtime love affair with tea. I distinctly remember indulging in a big mug of hot tea and bag of popcorn regularly in middle school. Oh, yes, my idea of a relaxing…

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    dogs & cats

    Paw Balm for Dogs and Cats

    Our poor Ellie girl has been through the ringer over the past month. She has been hiking in the mountains traversing rocky terrain. She has been pounding the pavement exploring some…

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    5 Tips For Using A Clothesline

    Sometimes when you really love something, it’s hard to get everything into one blog post. In a follow-up to our last clothesline post about why we love hanging laundry on a…