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  • our july garden chores
    garden chores

    Our July Garden Chores

    In a month that should be filled with road trips, hikes, and swimming holes, it can feel daunting to get much of anything done off of our July garden chores list.…

  • metal-engraved-plant-labels-plant-tags
    garden tools

    Using Plant Tags In Our Gardens

    When the number of plants in your garden starts increasing, it becomes easy to forget who is who. Plant tags and labels become an important garden tool especially when you have multiple varieties…

  • april garden chores
    garden chores

    Our April Garden Chores

    Our Georgia garden is a flurry of activity in April, and our April garden chores list definitely reflects it. With this year’s consistently high temperatures so early in the year, we…

  • our february garden chores
    garden chores

    Our February Garden Chores

    Because this year has started out throwing everything it can at us, it feels like the storm of activity in the gardens has already flooded in. Our February garden chores are…

  • january garden chores
    garden chores

    Our January Garden Chores

    How different can one year be? This time last year we were ready to finally bust out of winter’s grasp. Cold weather had not been a gardener’s friend. This year however…