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a taste of spring

tulip flower bud

As winter begins to finally leave after such a long and uninvited stay, it’s time to appreciate what is right around the corner. The trees in the city are just beginning to show color. Opening day of baseball has arrived, a very exciting day in our household. Farmers markets are rolling back out. Most importantly, it’s time to plant!

This is just a small taste of early spring in our garden:

Heritage Red Raspberry

Heritage Red Raspberry

lupinus perennis

Blue lupine seedling

tulip flower bud

Tulip flower bud

garlic scapes

Garlic scapes

spring comfrey

Spring comfrey

comfrey flower buds

Comfrey flower buds

Just a little project we will feature very soon….

cold frame raised bed

Cold frames

It is definitely feeling like spring here. We are getting pretty excited about what’s to come!

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