all about that thanks, ’bout that thanks

It isn’t only Thursday, a post day, but also a national day to give thanks. We are all about showing appreciation around here. This year, we have MUCH to be thankful for, but to keep this post from easily turning into our longest yet (that could be scary), we are sharing five things we are unbelievably thankful and appreciative of.

1. Strangers – By strangers, I mean you all. Every time we get a like on facebook, a comment on a post, emails, or a share in any form, we cheese hard. I’m cheesing now just thanking about it. As much as we enjoy putting ourselves out there, sharing our natural journey with things like personal stories, how-to’s garden adventures and misadventures, we like hearing from you too! Real talk. Have questions, comments, or suggestions? We are all ears, er eyes. With that, from our hearts to your ears eyes, thank you, thank you for being you. Feel free to peek in on us anytime.


2. This natural journey – We have been actively pursuing natural ways for over a year. Though we acknowledge it not being the easiest of paths, it is without a doubt the best thing we have ever done. We could not be happier or living healthier any other way. We love making products for everyday life and knowing the source of every ingredient. You can find some of those here, here and here. Our natural journey has lead us to amazing opportunities and working with organizations (like The Homestead ATL), and we are excited to see where this path will take us next. It’s all so dorkalicious and we love it.

3. Being south – We took a leap of faith January 2013 when Ryan left his job in Boston so we could move south and together chase other dreams. It was a trying time, but we love where we landed. I never thought I would love Atlanta like I do but it is forever burned in my heart. There is much to love here with the vast parks, farmers markets, and endless eats. This southern warm weather has given us an opportunity to grow so much more including citrus (something we have wanted to do for years). We are incredibly thankful for the home we found in a pinch that has it all; location and land. The move south was just another stepping stone to the life we wanted to live and opening our eyes and hearts to things we didn’t yet know we wanted.

4. Living closer to family – This kinda ties in with being south but is important enough to stand alone. We still don’t live in the same city as our families but we live close enough to no longer be missing huge moments like the arrival of new family members, very special birthday parties, or having to pick between what holiday we can spend with family. Being closer means that we no longer have to be Skyped into events like my sister announcing her first pregnancy at the Thanksgiving table. It’s the little things like knowing that you could be there for all the important things.

5. Bountiful harvest – What would this thankful list be without throwing a nod to our latest harvest? Our hugelkultur bed in Knoxville was a big move for us (building that bed was actually where we started dreaming up this blog), but what we have started here in Atlanta takes the cake. We have been on a mission to grow our own food; trying to grow things we never had before using growing methods we have never tried before. Not everything was a success, sugar snap snow peas were a boom and bust, black beans that we were letting dry on the vine were mowed down by a grazing deer. Our sweet potato leaves growing over the wattle fence and some of our comfrey had similar fate. (You might recall some of those moments from what we shared on facebook and instagram.) There was too much success and bounty to get caught up in what wasn’t working. This year we grew and feasted on potatoes (done in two methods), okra, kale, tomatillos, arugula, banana peppers,spinach and tomatoes. And even if it wasn’t in abundance we have enjoyed snacking on strawberries and raspberries straight from the earth. Fruits of labor have never been so sweet. In honor of our passion and blog roots, below is a fun shot of us showing a friend our garden beginnings.

As much as we have to be thankful for, we can only hope the same for you and yours! Happy Thanksgiving!

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