The Great Outdoors: Hiking Baker Hollow Branch Trail

Hiking Baker Hollow Branch Trail

Hiking is an area of our lives that we have neglected since the blog came along. We have finally put our foot down. Nothing can refresh and inspire us like hiking through the great outdoors. That’s why we are bringing it back as a priority in our lives. As much of work horses as we can be, life is about enjoying nature and all the little things that we hold so dear.


Tallulah Gorge in Georgia was the last hike we shared. This time we snuck out over Thanksgiving to hike an East Tennessee trail, the Baker Hollow Branch Trail. Getting directions from my parent’s house in Knoxville to the trail was frustrating, but eventually we pulled it together using information and directions on RootsRated. In less than an hour, we were on the trail.

The drive through the countryside had us dreaming about our future farm. Acres of land with a killer view just outside the city, yes please. The ‘dream road’ came to a dead end at the entrance to a marina. We drove down a small dirt road where we found a little spot to park our truck just in-front of the trail. There was only space for a couple cars, so we were thankful to be the only ones there. Eleanor couldn’t look more pleased.


Hiking the Baker Hollow Branch Trail started as a single file line with Eleanor as the leader. She did great especially since this was her first real hike. I could gush on this sweet girl’s way of being, but I’ll move on with the trail details.


One of the things I appreciated about this trail is the continuous lake view. I love a hike that is tiring and offers a view. There is a local favorite just a little closer to Knox called House Mountain. Though the hike isn’t exactly easy, it is hard to get a great view with all the tree and shrub cover at the top. Now, I can’t see us ever hiking it again. I blame being spoiled in Western Massachusetts with close hikes and lovely views all around us.


The terrain was fairly easy to manage, and we were all able to jog parts of the trail. Ellie dog even got a few back and forth sprints in. 3 miles in, we reached Mizell Bluff overlooking the lake. We didn’t see a soul on the trail until that point. In fact, we saw far more boaters than hikers. This is where a group of ladies and three dogs came from another end of the trail where I can only imagine there is a bit more parking. Our pups made friends before the ladies carried on. (This is where I am resisting the urge to tell you about how well behaved our gal is.) We stayed at the bluff eating oranges and taking in the view before packing up and making the 3 mile hike back to the car.


Baker Hollow in East Tennessee made for the perfect getaway, we will absolutely be returning. In no time we were recharged and back in Knoxville for more Thanksgiving mayhem. Now the only question is where should we hike for Christmas?

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