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Our passion for a natural life has quadrupled this year. Everything we do in the garden, all the canning mayhem in the kitchen, and all we do to cut the chemicals out of our lives has lead us to places we couldn’t have imagined. For example, I am teaching a class this October. (If I think about it too long, I feel nauseous.)


For the past few months, I have had the pleasure of teaming up with The Homestead Atlanta, a nonprofit organization that makes sustainable living approaches and forgotten trades accessible to those who want to learn such crafts. It just so happens, this years fall workshops includes yours truly. I’ll be teaching folks how to make their own natural cleaners. Nothing in life makes me happier than to help others, and now I have an opportunity to help make someones home a little more chemical free – I love it.

Atlanta is lucky to have someone like Kimberly Coburn, creator of The Homestead Atlanta, pulling all these amazing and versatile workshops together. Blacksmithing, canning, knitting, winemaking, beekeeping, and aquaponics (just naming a few), girl has thought of it all. This fall’s lineup is stout to say the least.

Organizations like this are just another reason we have fallen for this city. There is something beautiful stirring here, and we’re hungry to get our hands in it.

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