The Name’s Eleanor, My Friends Call Me Ellie

We have been talking about getting a dog for years and years. There wasn’t a hike, picnic/stroll in the park, or afternoon on a patio that we didn’t speak of how awesome it would be to have a dog join the fun. But there was always a reason to wait. Waiting until Ryan was out of grad school, waiting until after our wedding, waiting to get settled after our dreamers leap of faith, etc.


Once we finally got a little more settled in life, dog talk became dog pursuit. We browsed Craigslist and shelters but when we would call to see about a dog they would already be gone. Fast-forward to the last Food Swap that took place just a few weeks back at Preservation Place. It just so happened to be located a mere few blocks from Atlanta Humane Society, so after the swap, we popped in. We didn’t find “the one” that day but agreed to check in more often and see what new faces came through.

The following weekend we were back on the hunt. After coming up empty at another shelter, we made our way back to the Atlanta Humane Society. There were fewer dogs to choose from, but within minutes, we were asking to take a little bright eyed cutie named Pebbles outside to better get to know one another.


Once we got outside, it was like we had known each other for years. She stood in front of us like she was already ours. While outside playing with her, I shot Ryan a few glances like ‘this was the one’, and he confirmed with a smile and nod.

Before we knew it, paper work was filled out, and we were inside adopting our first pup. The humane society was running a Valentines special all weekend so we got our little lady for half the price. She is spayed, up to date on all her shots, and micro-chipped. “Pebbles” has been at the shelter since she was a young puppy (she just turned a year). Adopted once by a grandmother and her grandkids, she was returned just days later. Where she was the first time we stopped in, I’m not sure, but we found her on the most perfect day. (I think we finally topped Valentines 2009.)


$85 later, we were walking out with a new leash/collar in one and a toy we picked out for her. In addition, they packed a bag for us with a leash, collar, toys, treats, a portable water bowl, food, a vet visit for up to $240, and 30 days of pet health insurance. Most importantly, we walked out with a new addition to our family. They really set it up so that you could walk in clueless or on a whim and walk out with enough to get you through your first week with a new friend in the house.


It took us several days, but we finally settled on the name Eleanor. Calling her Ellie most often. (We were on a Beatles kick and were between Lucy and Eleanor.) Ellie has been a dream. She has had minimal accidents and has hardly said a word. The only time she has made a peep, is when she wants Kearney cat to move from a spot or play with her. Overall, she has just been so well behaved that it has us set on adopting more.


To have her running through the yard like a mad lady, slinging her toys around having the time of her life, makes me melt.

I can only hope more and more folks are popping into shelters like the Atlanta Humane Society and finding new love.


And may it be as much love as Ellie has for hiding her bone, finding it, and hiding it again.


Seriously…. it’s the only thing she cries over. bone-addict

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