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I have a new favorite cleaning weapon, thieves oil surface cleaner. It is the key ingredient to my kitchen cleaning spray and it was the most exciting thing for me to introduce in my cleaning class for the Homestead Atlanta. You know, the one I was all anxious about? As usual, I was worried about nothing, and everyone went home with new skills, homemade detergent, and this awesome surface cleaner I’m about to share with you. To see some of the class in action, click here.

You can do all kinds of amazing things with thieves essential oil. It is a combination of five different oils; eucalyptus, clove, cinnamon, lemon, and rosemary. With an ancient background, thieves oil boasts amazing healing abilities and when added to your cleaning regimen, germs don’t stand a chance.

I can hardly hold back, so I am going to bust out of the gate by telling you the amazing things that you can use thieves oil for:

  • Add it to your oil diffuser to eliminate toxins in the air – a much better alternative then fresheners that can cause liver damage.
  • Stinky shoes? No more. There are a few ways to do this; you can place a few drops of oil on a cotton ball and put that in your shoe to kill germs and odor over night, or spray some thieves cleaner and water solution into the shoe.
  • Add a few drops to your homemade toothpaste and eliminate germs and freshen your breath in the best way ever!
  • It is safe to ingest. Say you have a sore throat, thieves has you covered. This is an affiliated link to a bag of lozenges, but one day I’d love to make our own.
  • You can even rub on their gums when your baby is teething– something I plan to try myself (in the future).
  • It is obvious that germs live in fear of thieves oil. This is why it is also my new hand sanitizer on the go. Sorry, Germex.
  • I have even had success taking on ants. Windex trick out, thieves in. I am officially keeping ants away naturally… seems so wrong, yet so right.

I am really only scratching the surface here, but you get the idea. This stuff is magical, powerful, and versatile.

Now that I have gotten some of my built up excitement out, let’s move on to how you can start cleaning your home with a chemical free, powerhouse cleaner. Keeping chemicals out of the water, out of your bodies, and using something safe enough to be around little ones… even food, it just doesn’t get any better. Is it me, or does it just seem like a total oxymoron to ‘clean’ with something that could kill you?

Gone are the days I hold my breath while scrubbing an area clean. Not only is thieves safe to inhale, it smells like Christmas (no, seriously)! Cleaning literally makes me happy.

Thieves Oil surface cleaner recipe:

  • dark glass spray bottle
  • 2 tbs of witch hazel
  • 10-15 drops of thieves oil (Young Living is popular right now for essential oils, but I ordered Synergy Blend that uses the same essential oil mix that makes up thieves oil for half the price.)
  • 2oz water


Mix your ingredients together and take on the world, I mean, the germs and mess. I thought I would miss Clorox wipes and Method kitchen cleaner, but I don’t, not one bit. And for the record, my homemade thieves surface cleaner does a better job in the end. The natural way wins again.

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