This Week Eating Real Food: Convenience Withdrawls

There is only one word that comes to mind for week two of our unprocessed real food challenge- hungry. I’ve had visions of dancing cheeseburgers in my head and I’m dreaming of pizza. I just wanted to bite into something that feels “wrong”, something that breaks all the unprocessed rules. I feel great, but clearly, I’m going through withdrawals.

It’s been another crazy and wild week here and the thoughts of getting a quick meal from a window have been strong. We’ve been flying by the seat of our pants lately, and it has really pushed us to the limits when it comes to food on the go. Here’s how the second week of our unprocessed month unfolded:porridge-with-strawberries

Breakfast– Porridge (So easy and versatile we made another batch from last week)
Lunch– Soba with ginger sauce (leftover)
Dinner– Skillet eggs poached in serrano tomato sauce CSA Cookbookskillet-eggs-CSA-Cookbook

Breakfast– Porridge + Homemade granola (recipe here)
Lunch– Sweet potato risotto (leftover)
Dinner– Skillet eggs (leftover)

Breakfast– Porridge + Strawberries + Honey
Lunch– Skillet eggs |Sweet potato risotto (leftovers)
Dinner– Green frittata Deliciously Healthy Vegetables


Breakfast– Fruit cup/Porridge
Lunch– Sweet potato risotto (leftover)
Dinner- Onion soup Deliciously Healthy Vegetableshomemade-onion-soup

Breakfast– Granola + a few dollops of organic local yogurt + Strawberries/ Porridge + Honey + strawberries
Lunch– Frittata |Sweet potato risotto (leftovers)
Dinner– Tuscan soup Easy Everyday Vegetarian


It was at this point of the week when we found ourselves in a pinch and had to figure out what to eat on a whim. Friday afternoon we made the last minute decision to drive to Tennessee to buy a truck from one of our good friends. I packed a cooler of food to cover the day that we would be gone, but we didn’t have dinner on-the-road figured out. Our solution to rushing out of town and having dinner was to peruse the Whole Foods buffet. Below is what we settled with.

Breakfast– Porridge + Strawberries + Honey
Lunch– Salad + Onion soup (leftover)
Dinner– Sauteed zucchini and squash + Vegan macaroni | Vegetarian quesadilla

We had Saturday’s breakfast planned from what I packed for the trip and my mom took care of us for dinner. She joked that she didn’t know how long she would be able to do this unprocessed thing (especially as a vegetarian). She got a taste of what this challenge is like when she had to make her own spice mix when the one in-store didn’t make the unprocessed cut.

Breakfast– Granola + a tiny bit of yogurt + Strawberries|Porridge + Honey + Strawberries
Lunch– We were so caught up in buying the truck and meeting our friend’s new baby boy that lunch slipped by us. You could just say we had one big helping of a white beauty…

DinnerSweet potato stuffed with chipotle black beans and corn + Spicy cauliflower + Acorn squash rings + more! My mom outdid herself with everything she made. She even packed snack bags (nuts, veggies, unprocessed chocolate treat, etc.) for us to take on the road back home.


When life is hectic and things change on a whim there is nothing more satisfying than choosing a pizza/take-out. I know the feeling of relief when you choose to succumb to the temptation and remove the task of cooking from the list of to-dos. Relief is usually followed by guilt, but we make the choice anyway. As much as I can’t stand making the “right” choice at the time, I’m always satisfied with choosing to put the work into having a healthy not-so-fast meal. And unlike the alternative, my satisfaction in my choice is only growing with time.

This has been one of the lessons I’ve gotten from this unprocessed adventure. It’s better to go out of the way to eat better than to give in to convenience. Week two of our unprocessed challenge is behind us. With our bootstraps pulled up, we are ready to head into week three.

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    October 19, 2015 at 8:38 pm

    that post was awesome thank you so much for sharing I cannot believe your mom for the first time made a plate that look like that that was five star all the way. She completely outdid herself and I can see that the apple does not fall far from the tree. This post was wonderful and I love how you wrote it. Love you dad

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      this natural dream
      October 26, 2015 at 10:32 pm

      Those potatoes are a must repeat! I’ll have to remind her you approve of this all vegetarian meal haha.


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