this week eating real food: off to a good start

We have survived our first week of the unprocessed challenge. All in all, this week eating real food wasn’t bad. Things have been a little crazy around here, and there were a couple of “Oh crap, what do we eat?” moments. In the end, we came out on top. Our month of unprocessed eating started the night of October 4th. We didn’t even hit the grocery store until the day of the unprocessed kickoff. You could say that lately (with all the car troubles we’ve encounter) we have been flying by the seat of our pants.

Our first unprocessed haul was so impressive that we had to take it to Instagram. Everything here was bought at Your Dekalb Farmers Market in Decatur. If they allowed pictures, I would share many.


This past week, we ate through everything that was cooked and wasted nothing. There were nights that we worked so late the most desirable move was to hit up a drive-thru window. The last thing that we wanted to do that late in the night was make a meal and in turn have a kitchen to clean. This is how we stumbled upon my new favorite quick meal- salad mix with sliced red onions and a boiled egg. Boring, I know. I don’t know what it is, but I’m a sucker for a simple salad. When the topping’s right, I don’t even use salad dressing (something else we need to start making).


There were challenging moments through the first week, but we fought through them and came out stronger in the end. There were flips and flops, yeas and nays. Our biggest flop of the week was an attempt to start sourdough from scratch. The hope of making homemade bread lives on as something went wrong on day four, and we ended up trashing it (attempt #2 is in the works). Our greatest homemade success was making our own veggie broth. It was such a simple change to make and it saves us from unnecessary processed ingredients.

Our strongest weapon against the convenience of ready-made meals was having a number of recipes on hand with all the ingredients to make them. Having a game plan for every single meal makes the biggest difference. Game plans and leftovers, it’s what success is made of. Below is what we made this week with affiliated links to the cookbooks the recipe came from.


Dinner– organic tomato soup (from a box with real and simple ingredients) and salad topped with sliced red onion and a hard boiled egg.

Breakfast– Porridge (with honey and fresh fruit) D.I.Y. Delicious 
Lunch– Organic tomato soup (leftovers)
Dinner– Corn chowder Vegetarian Bible
Snack- pistachios in-shell and in-shell peanuts

Breakfast– Porridge (leftovers)
Lunch– Corn chowder (leftovers)
Dinner– Homestyle Chili Easy Everyday Vegetarian
Late night snack– Organic popcorn popped on the stove with coconut oil


Breakfast– Porridge (leftovers). We also split a blueberry lemon muffin from a local bakery that Ryan surprised me with after getting stranded at the car repair shop. We figured it’s better split than eaten by one person.
Lunch– Corn chowder (leftovers) and sauteed zucchini and yellow squash
Dinner– Chili (leftovers)

Breakfast– Porridge (with honey and fresh fruit)
Lunch–  Chili (leftovers)
Dinner– Spinach and mixed green salad topped with sliced red onions and a hard boiled egg.
Snack– Ecuador plantain chips


Breakfast– Left over Porridge with honey and fresh fruit
Lunch– Chili (leftovers)
Dinner– Soba noodles with soy ginger dressing (my newest addiction) CSA Cookbook
Snack– Thailand dried natural coconut strips

Breakfast– After a crazy morning we ate at Argosy, a local restaurant, to take a break to chat about our car woes. I had an Emerald City bagel made with basic ingredients and “old world techniques.” Ryan had eggs, potatoes, and a handmade biscuit.
Lunch– Soba noodles (leftovers) with a side of asparagus
Dinner– Sweet potato risotto Easy Everyday Vegetariansoba-noodles-and-ginger-sauce-CSA-cookbook

Before wrapping this post up, there are some developments that should be shared. In the introduction post, to our unprocessed challenge (here) we created a list of things that would be eaten and not eaten. Fish with specifications was on the eat list, but since that time, I have decided to eliminate that from my diet. It’s not going to be easy but it is an industry I choose not to support. Ryan will continue to enjoy the tasty wonders of the sea. I can hear my taste buds crying now.

So there you have it, the break down of our real food week 1. . We are already counting the positive changes forced upon us we’ve introduced into our daily lives. May there be some serious habit changes at the end of the month.

Psst- Get the scoop on how we did on week two, three, and four.

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