This Week Eating Real Food: Slipping Off The Wagon

Week three of our unprocessed real food challenge has been the toughest by far. We were running out of food from our first big grocery haul the first week of the challenge. That paired with juggling life while still sharing one car and playing catch up on a long to-do list made it a trying week for us all. The following are the slightly embarrassing details of what we ate and how we survived the third week eating mostly unprocessed.

Breakfast – Organic + Local yogurt + Strawberries + Bananas + Homemade granola
Lunch – Tuscan soup (leftover from the week before)
Dinner – Whole Foods vegetable quesadilla + Vegan macaroni

Last week we grabbed Whole Foods in a pinch on the way out of town, and this week we’ve made it into a crutch. This week had us all out of sorts… Our old selves would have broken down and gone through the drive-thru for bean burritos or hit a local spot for a more sustainable grab and go meal.

Breakfast- Yogurt + Strawberries + granola
Lunch– Salad | Toast + Salad
Dinner– Tuscan Soup (leftover) + Pesto and bread (something Ryan picked up at Whole Foods)leftovers-for-dinnerTuesday
Breakfast – Yogurt + Strawberries + Banana + Granola
Lunch – Ryan was out of town for work and was treated to BBQ (the only option in town). He had fries and a couple of veggie sides | I had organic popcorn we popped, toast, peanuts, and pistachios. (This is where the wagon jokes came into play, we were clearly slipping.)
Dinner – Tuscan Soup (leftover) + Salad + Toast
Snack – Strawberries + Natural organic dark chocolate. This healthier chocolate snack has been a lifesaver through the challenge.strawberries-and-natural-organic-chocolate

Breakfast– Yogurt + Strawberries + Granola
Lunch– Tuscan soup (leftover)
Dinner– Southwestern corn salad (I made this dinner up using what we had around) + Whole-grain brown rice (made with our homemade veggie broth) + Lettuce off-the-couff-dinner

Breakfast– Yogurt + Strawberries + Granola
Lunch– Trader Joe’s salads that Ryan picked up the night before (I loved it).
Dinner– Cheese lasagna whole grain pasta (from Whole Foods) Trader-joe's-lunch
Breakfast– Yogurt + Strawberries +Banana + Granola
Lunch– Cheese Lasagna (leftover)
Dinner– We had the pleasure of having dinner with Ryan’s aunt and uncle who happened to be in Atlanta for the weekend. Ryan had barbeque style salmon with jalapeno grits | I had salmon on a bed of quinoa.

In the week one post, I said that I didn’t want to eat seafood any longer. Since then (all of two weeks ago), I have made the decision to eat fish a few times a year on such occasions.

Breakfast- We had a rushed morning working on blog things before running out the door to meet up with Ryan’s aunt and uncle at the Fernbank Museum, needless to say, we snacked through breakfast.
Lunch– We stopped into a few vintage stores looking for new office chairs on our way home. When it came time get lunch, we settled on Chipotle after other options fell through- thanks to traffic jams, restaurants with short hours, and other mishaps. Ryan got a veggie burrito | I got a veggie salad.
Dinner– Corn and onion mix + Southwestern stir fry mix (leftover) + Toastcorn-dinner

See what I mean? Our feet were dangling off the unprocessed wagon all week. By the end of it our refrigerator looked like this…


That’s a little bit of leftovers (that may or may not go straight to veggie broth or compost), coffee, wood furniture polish, containers of onion and daikon radish from the garden, wine that has been around for far too long, kombucha tea, an absurd amount of scobys, Ryan’s hair gel, and a little fruit and greens. We were hurting, but last night, this puppy was restocked. We are ready to rock week four the right way, but those details will be in next week’s real food challenge post.

Using all the skills that we have gathered through this time and learning some tough lessons, we are ready to finish this thing right. And by “end,” I mean remove the strict rule of absolute zero processed food, but continue to strive on the path of eating a real food based diet.

Psst- See how we did on weeks one and two.

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