this week on the homestead: babies and our first car wreck

This Week on the Homestead

1. Thursday after Ryan got home from work we traveled to Knoxville, so our drive to Abingdon, VA would be easier the next day. (I lived in Abingdon with my family from the time I was in 3rd grade to the end of 8th grade. When my parents moved to Knoxville my sister was old enough to stay in A-town on her own.) Friday morning we hightailed it to the Abingdon hospital where we were ready to meet another nephew! My sister and her husband now have three beautiful boys. He is the sweetest baby- I’m smitten. My sister had the cutest idea of having a big brother party where there were doughnuts and gifts exchanged between the two oldest boys and the new youngest. I’m resisting the urge to flood you with pictures.


2. Ryan grew up in Knoxville and his parents have lived in the same house since he was 2 years old, so hearing stories of his past has always been so easy. I had to take advantage of being back in my old stomping grounds and bring Ryan by my old houses and schools. “This one time…” and “Oh! Here’s where…” were said often. I always thought the road to our farm house in Abingdon was beautiful, but experiencing it as an adult with my new found farmer’s heart was something else. Now if only we could find a slice of heaven like this near Atlanta.


3. Here is where things got nasty. I attempted to take Ryan to a local favorite restaurant, but they were closed when we arrived. We jumped on the interstate headed towards Bristol to try a different restaurant my brother-in-law suggested. When we took our exit we hit a popup rain shower. Slowing down and being overly careful turned on us when we hydroplaned. There were a few moments where it felt like Ryan had the car back in control, but ultimately we hit the guard rail and bounced across a two lane and into the median. I’m curious if the oncoming traffic could see our horrified faces as we came to a stop.


Thankfully we were completely fine, shaken up, but in one piece and without a scratch. Lucky for us the car was drive-able, with little damage considering the events. Pictures were taken and my parents who were just minutes away at my sister’s house were able to assist us with the situation. This was our first wreck and hopefully the last for a long long while. We never ended up making it to get lunch. We got our wits about us and spent the evening swimming with our nephews and enjoying a meal at my sister’s mother-in-law’s place. It was the perfect way to end the day.


4. We were back in Knoxville by Saturday night and were able to see what was happening in the hugelkulture bed we started in Ryan’s parents backyard. (The same garden Ryan experimented in as a kid.) It was clear we haven’t been around to tend it, but it didn’t hold back the tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and black beans. I think we will grow all of our sweet potatoes there next year. They love the sun and are low-maintenance. Ryan weeded and cleaned out the bed while I was at my parents playing with our nephews. When I came back we filled a couple bags with a decent harvest from the garden.


5. We are back home now and are ready to crank on all the things that have piled up on us: blog posts, projects, fall garden tasks, lawn maintenance, and of course finishing the blog redesign. I’m loving the vibe of our new site and can’t wait to show all of you. We arrived home to find a mowed down back garden bed. The unknown bandit has struck again. Whatever sweet potato greens we had are no more. It is going to be a week of intense goals and deadlines as we try to catch back up from a long eventful weekend.

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