This Week On The Homestead: Baby, Baby, Baby

1. Nursery preparation is wrapping up

Our baby’s nursery didn’t start to really take form until Early August. I was becoming concerned that we wouldn’t settle on a mattress that met all our requirements in time. We search the web high and low and her organic Naturepedic 2-in-1 arrived a month before my due date.  A week after that, Ryan’s folks came down to help us paint, and a week after that, my folks were down here spreading DIY gold. One wall of her room was shared on Instagram not long ago. It featured Ryan’s special DIY hanging planters and my mom’s DIY mobile, but there is so much more we can’t wait to share! Window treatments should be completed as soon as my parents get here for the birth (they are bringing special rods), while Ryan and I have art we are still working out. Bottom line is, we hustled to be ready for baby, and now we are trying to be patient before sharing the final reveal with all of you.

baby nursery

2. OCD House Prep

This house had been cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned again. We are talking ‘fall cleaning’ on steroids. I am the OCD one around here, but bringing home baby has Ryan knocking out details that would otherwise pass him by. Bathrooms and kitchen have been freshly caulked, and he has eagerly been cleaning windows inside and out. And not just wiping down. He has gone around the house scraping the excess paint from the trim. Note that we are renting… If that’s not male nesting, I don’t know what is.


3. Garden Prep for Fall

Admittedly this has been all Ryan. Beds that puttered out have been cleared and are ready for fall planting. Pest and disease have been knocked back, and new seeds are getting sown. The last of our young asparagus have been planted. Hopefully, we are drowning in asparagus next year. For now, we are both looking forward to a cool fall garden season with baby on board.

4. Wedding Anniversary

To say things are crazy busy right now would be an understatement. We are in a crunch to be completely baby ready, our gardens need significant attention to pull through the end of summer, and our 4th year wedding anniversary is tomorrow! Celebrating our marriage is something we look forward to every year, but with the baby’s due date being the fallowing day it has been slightly overshadowed this year. Regardless, it will be a nice distraction to possibly going 41 weeks… or longer.



Waiting on baby is the name of the game all day, every day. I have been eating everything I can think of this week to encourage this girl, but there’s been no real labor activity yet. I have the patience (for the most part) for her to come when she is good and ready, but I’m starting to feel a race against the clock. Anticipation of labor aside, we are so thrilled that before long this family will grow from two (Ellie dog and Kearney cat not included) to three. My heart could burst.

Bonus: Maternity Pictures Came Back

We couldn’t be more pleased with the decision to have this moment in life professionally captured. Sun Kissed Smiles Photography captured our personalities perfectly. I’m ready to get a few specially sent off to be printed.


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