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This Week on the Homestead: Back into Spring

1. Our Knoxville garden is alive!

While visiting family during the weekend of our baby gender reveal party, we found some time to check on our Knoxville garden. While we may have let a few weeds get a bit crazy, our plants were thriving and craving more warm spring weather. This year we have loaded the bed up with an assortment of perennial edibles. The newly planted blackberries are growing fast and look to even fruit this year. We’re pretty excited about that. The blueberry is covered in beautiful blooms. The comfrey is even getting in on the action growing to a record size.


2. Herbs are already blowing up

Back at our home, our herbs have loved the warm early spring that Atlanta has had. Now, they are rewarding us with luscious growth. We certainly won’t be running out of herbs any time soon. Everyone has doubled their fall size and do not look to be slowing down.

spring herb-garden---chives,-lemon-balm,-lavender

3. Our last frost is behind us (hopefully)

The last average frost date has now passed. Sound the alarms because it’s time to plant and plant. We finally have the go ahead to plant pretty much all of our annual flowers and veggies. By this time next month, our gardens will be filled to the brim with the loads of seedlings currently on our seed starting rack.

tomato-seedlings4. Feed the soil, feed the plants

With everything getting ready to kick into full gear, it’s a perfect time to feed our soil. The compost has been getting rotated frequently over the past few weeks to speed up the breakdown, so there was a good amount ready to use. We screened everything that was finished through our compost sieve for nearly perfect compost to add to our gardens. All of our vegetable gardens were top dressed and are already looking much happier.

compost-sieve5. It’s a girl!

Our baby that Kristyn affectionately refers to as the bean is a girl! We couldn’t be more thrilled to learn we have a daughter on the way. This homestead is going to be a little sweeter with a little girl running around. You can read more about that special day here and see a frame-by-fame of the massive balloon pop. It was particularly exciting since no one at the party (not even us) knew what color was inside.


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