this week on the homestead: enjoying the small things

Today, we are starting a new series entitled ‘this week on the homestead.’ It is a series in which we will be giving you a round up of our week around these parts. One thing I like about this is it will keep you up to date on all the happenings that aren’t so full post worthy. So without further ado, here goes the first installment.

This Week on the Homestead

1. Ryan and I were able to create a new sheet mulch garden bed in the front yard, trim bushes around the beds, and weed existing beds. Just a few more beds to prep, and we will be all set for the year with tons more growing space.

2. We had a busy house this week with friends coming and going. It is always nice to spend time with good friends and share some laughs and good eats. Entertaining gives us a good excuse to get out and enjoys what the city of Atlanta has to offer. Even if it’s just some eye-candy and inspiration, like these  neat metal planters with red twig dogwood and others filled with beautiful ferns.

container-gargens-in-atlanta autumn-fern

3. I have had a personal triumph when it comes to fighting unwelcome ants. My sweet borax mix has worked like a charm. Currently, I am actually feeling optimistic about the situation as the seasons transition. This year, I’m trying to stay ahead of the game before the pests get out of hand.

4. Thanks to our DIY seed starting rack, we have the first round of seedlings to start acclimating to the outdoors. Plus, we have a slue of new seeds to plant and get under the magic lights.


5. Today, we have been transplanting herbs from the raised bed to the new herb garden, planting seeds, cleaning out the cold frames (a chore that has been put off for too long), along with a handful of other looming to-dos. All things that make the week ahead manageable and set me up with an assortment of garden tasks to complete before another weekend of big moves.

There is only one more thing to cover here in our first ‘this week on the homestead’…..

HAPPY EASTER! May your day be filled with friends, family, and festive dressed pets!

kearney-cat ellie-dog-bunny

You should have seen these two chasing one another all dressed up (unfortunately not something captured on camera).

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