this week on the homestead: er, last week…

This Last Week on the Homestead

1. Our cucumbers are really picking up speed now, and we are harvesting regularly. We don’t care too much for fresh cucumbers but we, or rather I, love pickles. I have been a pickle eating fool since I was a kid. It’s a fun fact that I don’t keep hidden. When Ryan used this recipe and these spices to can a few jars of pickles for me last week, it was as good as pulling cookies from the oven. Though, I love when he bakes cookies as well. He’s a man that knows his way around the kitchen- swoon.


2. We spent Saturday outside of Nashville celebrating Ryan’s Granny turning 92! We love that amazing woman. She and Ryan’s grandfather actually lived in Atlanta in the 50’s where they both attended Emory University. She still says it’s her favorite city. She and I even lived in the same small town, Abingdon, VA. This post is filling up quickly with fun facts.


3. Father’s Day was just the cherry on top of such a sweet weekend celebrating some amazing folks in our family. My dad had no idea that we were going to be in Knoxville over the weekend, so I was able to surprise him with breakfast Sunday morning. I kept up my tendency of getting crafty with gifts by bringing my dad pickled watermelon we canned a while back. My dad loves the stuff maybe more than I love pickles.

4. We discovered some promising things stirring in our Knoxville garden. Corn has shot-up, black beans are developing, and everything is looking green and full of life. Now, if we can get Ryan’s dad to help us out and water it some, we’ll be sitting pretty. I have a feeling when we visit in July, I will be squealing over developing ears of corn.


5. We kept our time away from our Atlanta garden short and were back home by Sunday afternoon. It was nice to get back and get to it. We were up early Monday fighting the heat, swatting mosquitoes, and having a planting frenzy. Sea oats grasses, okra, a banana tree, cannas, iris, and sedum were all planted throughout the property. I mainly tended to the vegetable garden side of things, while Ryan continued to bring up the curb appeal. It is amazing what he has been able to pull off using privet and other inherited plants growing in oddball locations around the property along with transplants from friends and family. It sure is nice to have a landscape architect in the house.

It was a hectic week and we couldn’t move fast enough. We didn’t get nearly as much done as we wanted (our list is too long for our own good), but it’s still important to step back from the craziness and enjoy the little moments. Feeling refreshed and a little more accomplished, we are looking forward to a packed week of projects and posts coming your way.

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