this week on the homestead: honey-do list

This week Ryan and I went full steam trying to mark as much as we could off the long honey-do list. We each accomplished a lot individually, but it was what we got done together that really shined through the week.

This Week on the Homestead

1. The week ended with major headway made on our backyard facelift. A little love goes a long way, and we can’t wait to dive into the details with you in just a few days. You can expect a lot of eye-candy. If you have found yourself out of the loop on what this backyard facelift is, you can read about that here before we roll out with part two.

2. Thursday was a treat since Ryan took the day off, and we were able to have a full day of fun and to-do’s. The day started bright and early with eye doctor appointments for the both of us (and new prescriptions, womp womp). I opted to keep my old frames since they are still in good condition and preferred them to others I was trying on at the doc’s. Ryan, on the other hand, held out for Warby Parker.

We have eyed WP for months online, so with a new prescription in hand, we set off to their store here in Atlanta. We each tried on what seemed like every-single-pair and documented some fun picks on our phones. Though, we could have used the photo booth they had in-store.


Ryan settled on a pair (not pictured), and I will be ordering these fun purple glasses in due time. Ahhh nothing like a fresh squeaky clean pair of new glasses.

3. A couple weeks back, a package from Sow True Seed went missing after we were notified of its delivery. There was a reason we had gone four days without finding our potato starts and seeds that we were longing for. Someone walking past our house took the packed, ripped it open, and threw the contents by the wayside as they walked along. Ryan found most of it by chance, but the potatoes were never found.

Ryan had been in contact with Sow True Seed about the ‘missing delivery’. Their response to the news of the theft? They immediately offered to send us replacements of the items that were destroyed, even offering to replace the seeds that were recouvered if they didn’t germinate. This week the last part of our order arrived with our replacement potatoes. And our seeds did germinate. Life is good.


So many reasons to love us some Sow True Seed. (You’ll have to read about Ryan’s visit last summer here). Great company. Great people.

4. While making use of my time waiting on Ryan at the eye doctor’s, I finally downloaded the new app Homegrown. It is an app created by Bonnie Plants that rolled out the beginning of the year. Thanks to my jumping off the Android ship and joining the iPhone team, I am able to get my Homegrown on. This app is awesome. You can log your daily garden activities with photos and journal entries, check the weekly forecast, and look up specific produce to get a full how-to on care from planting to harvest. They even have garden tips when it comes to choosing containers, fertilizing, natural weeding, etc. I’m loving this app, check it our for yourself here

5. We Finally snagged us a pallet! This is totally exclamation worthy since we have wanted them for so long and never thought one would fit in our car. Granted, it was just one pallet… and it barely fit in the car. Though I would say it fit better than Ellie to some degree. Looks like a car full of gangstas, pallet snagging gangstas. Haha. (And no worries, I was in fact buckled in.)


Heads up, there are some things you want to avoid when getting pallets, so you don’t track dangerous chemicals into your home or garden. Brush up on what to look for and how to be safe here.

All in all, it was a really good week and we marked a lot of our list (and added a lot more right back on).

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