This Week On The Homestead: Infant Adjustment

The past two months have been a crash course on how to function with little sleep, multitasking using only one hand, and squeezing every last drop out of each day. Ryan and I are no strangers to working everyday as hard as we can, but having an infant adds an extra layer of chaos that can only be understood by living it.

When I became pregnant, we slipped into publishing two blog posts a week since I was a mess of nausea and exhaustion. The amount of posts has ebbed and flowed with the craziness of different stages of pregnancy (as has our garden). The month of October started with high ambitions of getting back to three posts a week, but like I said before, the distraction of an infant is something that can only be truly understood once lived.

To make matters worse, Atlanta is in a pretty severe drought. We are breaking record highs left and right, and trees, shrubs, and all kinds of plants are dying left and right around town. Our garden isn’t much different having lost a few guys here and there. The whole landscape is wilted and dusty as we have not had a good rain since the end of the summer. It definitely has us looking forward to what is come.

1. Take time to enjoy the little things

As much as there is to get done in a day, I can’t help but stop and soak in every minute with our girl. She is only going to be this little once. When Lula is older, I want to be able to look back on all the time I gave her, not all the time I worked instead. ( A choice I am blessed to be able make.)  There is a balance yet to be mastered, but for now the scale is in her favor.


2. Exciting things ahead

We have some fun things coming your way. Like a giveaway you don’t want to miss! Here at the house Ryan and I are sloooowly taking on projects that have been lingering for far too long. This means DIY posts and that promised baby nursery tour. My parents forgot the rods needed to help complete the room when they came for the birth, so hopefully they remember when they visit soon.

3. Garden push

While our garden is in a small state of survival of the fittest (or at least most drought tolerant), we are still trucking along. Seedlings are close to being planted (under cold frames and winter protection), and thanks to falling leaves, the process of building compost for the summer season is underway.

4. It’s fall, y’all

It’s Lula’s first fall and that means we have to do it all. I’m more excited than she is for this year’s pumpkin decorating, catching fall colors, and Halloween costumes. We just need to find the time in to do it all and then some…


5. Guests galore

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, er rather, our new baby brings all the people to the house. We’ve never had so many guests back-to-back before. The eagerness to meet the new member of our family tugs at my heartstrings! In-between the baby loving, we have been exploring our city more with each visitor. There is one thing that remains clear about Atlanta, good food is never ending. We pretty much eat our way through the city each time someone comes. Who can complain about that?

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