this week on the homestead: it’s all about productivity

This Week on the Homestead

1. After slowly saving materials, the large wattle fence has started to take shape. With a few more decent storms, I could have enough limbs to top it off. The debris is so heavy and frequent around our house that I am able to rely on it for most of what’s needed to build our wattle fences.

2. Saturday was our morning for errands. Kicking it off was a quick stop at a REI garage sale. We were looking for dog gear for Ellie but walked out with two jackets and a sweater. This time we checked out the sale at the Perimeter location because it was closer to Saul’s Nursery where we were going after. It was our first time at that specific location and what we saw were a lot of hiking packs, tons of shoes for both men and women, and a solid collection of things for children. This sale even had a few bikes. Below is my handsome guy going through the men’s shoes one last time.


3. Ripening raspberries are starting to steadily roll in, and we are snacking daily. Green beans and cucumbers have picked up as well, but it’s this week’s raspberry explosion that has us most excited. If I can keep myself from eating them straight from the bush, I’ll actually have a handful to add to my morning granola and yogurt.

4. The reel mower we ordered was delivered this week. This environmentally friendly mower does a solid job. It takes down larger weeds but takes a few times to get a low even cut. Thanks to the grass catcher, our compost is getting fed more greens than ever. Ellie loves the new chore. She really enjoys following right along. Something about it seems to be one big game to her.

5. Last but not least, the sun has begun to shine again! After a couple weeks of constant showers, we are back to blue skies and long days in the garden. We have been busy breaking in the reel mower and catching up on projects that have been getting away from us. We have seen huge growth spurts in the garden and have been struggling to keep up. It’s these 90+ degree sunny days that we make our biggest strides. At the end of the day, you’d definitely find us gazing out the window talking about a job well done and what we have ahead of us.

We are busting our tails in the garden. Trying to stay on top of an array of projects that we have set out for ourselves while undergoing a site redesign. It’s a balancing act we are glad to take on. We’re excited about the productive summer ahead and coming here to share it with all of you.

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