this week on the homestead: lemons to lemonade

The Barn Nursery

What a week it has been. We were going along swimmingly at the homestead with blog posts and garden chores. Things were just as smooth sailing at the office for Ryan. By Wednesday, everything was filled with chaos with many project delays. Thursday, we got confirmation that a birthday party for Ryan’s mom back in Knoxville was going to be moved up a weekend. The madness hit the office all at the same time for Ryan. Nevertheless, we somehow made it all work. Here’s a little of how we turned lemons into lemonade (in no particular order).

This Week on the Homestead

1. The backyard garden bed was expanded and green bean seedlings were planted. Our little seeds have all grown up and are starting the next phase of their lives. One by one our garden beds are being sowed and planted. The days until harvest are numbered, and it’s all very exciting for us. We can’t wait to finish planting this bed and let the food start rolling in.

backyard garden

2. We became butter making pros. Ok, clearly that isn’t totally true, but we did learn how to make our very own butter. Last weekend, Ryan and I attended a butter making workshop put on by The Homestead Atlanta. Banner Butter, a local artisanal butter maker, not only taught a group of us how to make butter, but also how to flavor the butter. The best part (particularly for Ryan’s butter loving self) was that we were able to sample an assortment of Banner Butter’s butters. I never knew butter could taste so good. They even sent us home with recipe cards and a pack of different flavors of Banner Butter. “Pass the butter” has never been said with such enthusiasm.

Banner butter

3. Since we were back in Knoxville (for the b-day party) this weekend, we took the opportunity to prep our Knoxville hugelkulture garden bed and get popcorn planted. We managed to keep Kearney from eating all the popcorn plants while we were waiting for the seedlings to grow on the seed rack. (The cat has a major thing for grasses, and that’s exactly what popcorn seedlings look like.) We put some time in the garden and walked away with a freshly weeded bed and popcorn and black bean seedlings in the ground. It’s safe to say that we are moving right along with the Knox bed.


4. We got my parents setup to start brewing their own kombucha tea! Yes, these things cause excitement around here. We all got to sit and enjoy a glass of kombucha while chatting all things SCOBY. Imagine me blurting out, “I put this on my face, this is my awesome facial!” after my dad expresses how gross it looks. I think we can all agree SCOBY will never be Miss America, but it is capable of many great things just like the kombucha tea.

5. Ryan and I finally made the time to stop by The Barn Nursery in Chattanooga. We made it there an hour before closing. With The Barn Nursery being so large, widespread, and filled with a variety of beauty (endless eye candy), the hour flew by. We made out with a few goodies for some upcoming projects that we can’t wait to share. A day trip back to the Barn is definitely in order.

The Barn NurseryIt might have been hectic, but overall it was a good week. We are ready to hit the ground running to accomplish what slipped through our fingers last week and check off things from the to-do list for the week ahead. I’m off to get started now.

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