this week on the homestead: random mix

This Weed on the Homestead is a random mix of things happening round our casa. Being random is in my nature. I do my best to reel it in a bit for you all. As summer starts to come to an end, things are picking up steam all around us.

This Week on the Homestead

1.The Homestead Atlanta workshops have been posted, y’all! With 51 workshops happening there’s something for someone, even the kids. I know I’ve said it before, but Atlantans are lucky to have Kimberly (the creator of THA) making all these heritage skill workshops easily accessible. You’ll find subjects like beekeeping: 101 and 102, blacksmithing, canning, chicken keeping, biodynamic farming, glass blowing, knitting for newbies, fermentation, an after-school program on 21 century homesteading with The New School, and much more. If you live in the Atlanta area, or are even just visiting for the weekend, check out what’s going on at the Homestead Atlanta. Come hangout at a class for a couple of hours and get your homestead on. You can see the full list here.

2.We just came through a long stretch of rain, and most days the rain came down very hard. It wasn’t just nice for the garden, it was also good for my wattle fence. Hard rain and windy storms bring big branches.


Ask and you shall receive. I have been needing more large limbs to add to my huge wattle fence (as seen here on Instagram) in the front yard. I was able to cut and move the ones that fell near the fire pit, but I’m going to need Ryan’s help for the big guy that is still slightly attached to the tree. I can’t wait to see what short limbs I can get from it (I need more of those as well). Does this clarify me as a dork? I’d venture to say, yes.

3. The Elderberry in our food forest has blown up since you last saw it in early April. We thought it was going to tower our house but it ultimately grew so tall it toppled over. The whole bed looks like it has been taking steroids all summer.


A little mulch, sun, and water can go a long way. We are going to be adding more woodchips to the bed to expand it out and give it a little cleaner looks. Notice all the leaves, that’s an all year thing you guys…

4. The hedge line that Ryan planted last summer and fall has really filled in. We can’t pass by it without commenting on how good its looking these days. Crazy what he was able to pull off using privet that was growing around our property and sea oats transplanted from his parents house. This is a far cry from what we were seeing in February.


5. The blog redesign is almost done. We’ve been giving it a two week window until launch for about a month now…. I’m confident you’ll see the fruit of Ryan’s labor before fall sets in. Ryan is the tech savvy guy in this house, so we decide on thing like colors, fonts, menu layout, etc. together, and he builds it. We’ve had a few hiccups and changed directions a few times, but we see the light at the tunnel and it is glorious.

We have a particularly hectic two weeks ahead, but every minute we can steal will be used for the greater good of TND. We are ready to get back to our usual thee posts a week on a new and improved site.

Extra random tidbit. Ryan is a huge baseball fan and read about Kin Griffey Jr. appearing in a Macklemore music video. Naturally, he had to see it. We took a break from what we were doing and sat back for what would forever change the way we spoke of tiramisu and mopeds. I couldn’t even type this without bursting into song. I’ll just let the video explain…. (Heads up this is the unedited video.)

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