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pumpkin blossom

This Week on the Homestead

1. We started noticing an unexpected plant growing in the companion planting we started around the peach tree in our front yard a couple weeks back. We had our guesses as to what it was. This week, it started blooming and we confirmed that we had pumpkin growing all around the tree. We traced it back to the compost and the many pumpkins seeds that were thrown in it last fall. Sometimes you just don’t know what your compost will bring back around.

pumpkin blossom

2. This week, we have been primarily focused on maintenance chores around the garden. The pea trellis was restrung using a more durable – twine in anticipation of the growing snow peas that just started to sprout. The hedge that was built last year was mulched again to enhance the appearance and give both the privet and sea grass a little boost for a more comfortable summer. Our little war on slugs raged on with some sweet victories.

3. My parents came in for a visit this weekend, and they brought pallets! This is very exciting for people without a truck. We have been known to transport some impressively large items in Ryan’s Corolla in the past, but to get a truck load of good quality pallets is way better than cramming a single one in a car. Now, we just have to decide what project we want to start first.

4. Thanks to Ryan starting our own sweet potato slips, we have sweet potatoes coming out the wazoo. Last year, we started out with twelve slips from Sow True Seed and got a decent harvest. This year, we have so many that we are giving slips away because we have way more than we know what to do with (my mom being the most recent recipient). This year’s harvest will be particularly exciting… and will most definitely be weighed.

growing sweet potato slips

5. Earlier this week, we kicked off our front porch facelift. With the terrarium project wrapped up and a new plant stand that we scored at a nearby garage sale, we are getting our porch where we wanted it to be last year. Ironically, the stand is a larger version of a plant stand that we bought years ago in Massachusetts. It won’t be long before we complete our colorful oasis for escaping the Georgia heat. I can’t wait to be kicked back basking in beautiful plant life. Expect more porch chatter in the near future.

After a fun weekend, we are ready to get back to all the chores that await. I have wattle fences to reconstruct, seedlings and seeds to be plant, weeds to pull, and compost to be spread. The more I talk about it, the more eager I am to gear up and head outdoors. The chore list never shrinks, but I love crossing things off of it.

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  • Reply
    Chris Smith
    May 19, 2015 at 4:05 pm

    Looking good, love it when people sprout their own sweet potatoes!

  • Reply
    May 19, 2015 at 4:27 pm

    I live in Florida. Is it too late to plant my gladiola bulbs?

    • Reply
      this natural dream
      May 21, 2015 at 12:44 pm

      It is really past the best time to plant in FL, but I would go ahead and get them in the ground as soon as possible. Baby them this year and don’t expect them to do too much. Next year, you can expect a full dose of their beautiful blooms.


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