this week on the homestead: the summer swing

This Week on the Homestead

1.This week has brought some exciting moments in the garden. Banana peppers and jalapenos are starting to produce at a rapid speed. Checking in on them is one of the highlights of my morning routine in the garden. Those little peppers make me cheese big time. When you are growing naturally from seed, every step your plant takes towards producing brings a feeling of excitement (and new challenges). Tomatoes in the raised bed have finally begun to ripen. They have quickly grown to a nice full size, but because their sunlight is more limited, the tomatoes have been slower to ripen.


2. It hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine around here. Just when we thought we would be swimming in beans (thanks to them growing ‘safely’ in our fenced-in backyard) something came through and started mowing the bed down. The only thing untouched is the okra and potatoes. We aren’t quite sure who it is, but we have our suspects. There will be a lot of experimentation going on over the next few weeks to see what natural solutions can save our harvest without installing a fence. Suggestions are welcome! We are always interested to hear what works for different folks.


3. There have been a lot of backbreaking hours clearing brush and cutting limbs trying to fight shade and unwelcome pests. We are on a mission to clear outside of our fence and see if we can find any weak points that need repair. I’ve cleared the invasive ragweed that has been creeping up on the raspberry bed and have started working my way towards the back of the house. Thanks to the machete my parents gave Ryan for Christmas last year, it hasn’t been too tough of a task. Who am I kidding, I officially love the machete and all chores that I can use it for.

4. We took time this weekend to step away from the garden (for the most part) and all things DIY to spend time with some of our oldest friends. Sadly this occasion was organized around the fact one of them will be moving to Missouri. We managed to fight back the tears and have yet another visit filled with constant laughter. The highlight of their visit had to be the day we went swimming at the Edge of the World swimming area. The five of us easily let the day pass by while we played in natures swimming pool. It’s not always easy for me to put work aside, but I rarely regret it when I do.


5. The heat has been turned up on our blog redesign. We are closer than ever, I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. Over the past week our focus has been on details like logo and font styles. Imagine us going back and forth for hours “which font do you like better? This one, or this one? Again, this one, or that one?” We can’t wait for it to all come together, so we can share it with you all. With a refreshed site up and running we’ll have more time for additional projects and even more posts.

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