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We’ve made no secret that we are the type of bloggers who are learning as we go. We may be seasoned gardeners and DIYers, but we are young in the web design realm, so things can move slower for us. We quickly outgrew our original design and desired a look that not only fit our personalities better (the old design had next to none) but also sought a layout that was easier to navigate.


Our old lackluster design wasn’t just bothering us on the desktop. It was driving us up the wall on mobile devices, and that’s how most folks surf the web these days. It was important for us to have a site that was easy to read and allowed our readers to get the full experience no matter the device. More than anything at all, Kristyn wanted it to feel “happy” to anyone who comes to visit our little space in the great wide web. Welcome to our new site. Here’s a quick tour of some of our favorite parts:

  • The new menu bar gives you quick access and a way to search our entire library of blog posts. Plus, it’s easier than ever to connect with us on social media. Then there is Kristyn’s favorite part, the title. After going through lots of alternatives, it was nothing but squeals and shrills when I revealed the final product.


  • The bottom of the post now has tons of new features. The author is now listed at the bottom and you can click their name to find all they have written. Adding a clickable author was a must for us on the new site. If you like one of our posts, now you can share it with our new social share buttons or leave us a note down in the redesigned comments section. A new related posts section rotates similar posts that you might be interested in checking out.related-posts-and-shares
  • We wanted to cover our site in personality and color all the way through, and our Instagram feed at the very bottom of the site does just that. It’s kind of like a special treat at the end of the page for all the reads that make it to the very end.


We are about a year and a half into this blogging adventure and are still finding balance between the blog, new projects, garden chores, the rest of life, and quality time with each other. It’s a wild ride that we choose to jump on each day as we try to keep things genuine and interesting here at This Natural Dream.

This is the first (and most major) phase of our new site design with phase two and three coming very soon. We have lots planned for the weeks ahead. From new projects to launching our weekly newsletter, we have some awesome things about to come your way. Take a look around our new digs and don’t be afraid to drop us a line.

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