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winter chill brings on the blues

Well, it officially feels like winter around here.


This week Georgia saw its lowest temperatures of the season and we weren’t the only ones feeling the winter chill. We covered the garden beds Tuesday night with our gifted frost cloth and hoped for the best. After a high of 51.6 degrees, our green friends were in for a shock. All we could do was wait for the frigid temperatures to roll in.

We took precaution by adding a layer of compost to all of the planted beds and covered what we could with frost cloths.


By the time Saturday came around, we were ready to uncover everybody and see how well we fared. With our good friends (who were visiting for the weekend) by our side, we removed the cloth to discover some sad setbacks.


While the herbs and strawberries were just zapped, the Daikon radish and sugar snow peas may not have made it. Losing crops breaks my heart, y’all. And it was sad our friends didn’t get to see the garden so green and pretty just days before.  With a little more TLC we hope to see some life come back to damaged plants.



It’s a sad way to start the day, I’ll tell ya’.


I’m starting to understand first-hand that gardening is about never giving up plus a little trial and error.

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